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    Need Leaderboard Banner

    I find it slightly sad that my revival on the boards has consisted solely of making myself poor. :( This is batting for three, is it not? Anyway, since I do believe that my old points-for-banners creator has left to make graphics for money, I need a 728x90 Leaderboard image in as close of a...
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    Worst Female Celebrities Ever

    ...Don't ask. If anyone wants to do me a quick favor, I need a list of three of the worst female celebrities ever, preferably not just bad but also as ugly as possible with an article in some informational place such as Wikipedia or IMDb or something of the like for a slight blogging prank...
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    10 Credits For Easy Click

    Well, sort of. I made a bet with a friend that a specific blog in the Blogger's Choice Awards would win for the "Best Charity Blog" category. The bet is sort of personal and thus private, but it is quite serious for me. Seemingly out of nowhere, the blog she was rooting for shot up at the top...
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    Absolutely FREE raffle!

    Well, I decided to make myself poor again by giving most of my credits to Emi. :P So, I can do two things with my remaining credits: 1. Be conservative with my credits so I have a foundation to responsibly build my credits upon, or 2. Blow them all on some cheap gimmick to get some comments...
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    Are x10Hosting's Staff Biased?

    Vote now!
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    The Makers Failed Their Own Test

    Can you please make a capping on the amount of characters the Advanced ads are allowed to have? Surely all of that worthless text could have easily been summarized in "Take The Dumbness Test" or something similar. I have to move the ads to the footer until the ad is done, something I don't...
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    25 Credits Per Click!

    I'm stealing his idea and with more credits! Scoundrel. Just click here: And I'll give you 25 credits. Really. That's it. Just... click.... there.
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    I'll Pay You 50 Credits For You To Get More Traffic!

    Usually it's you pay for traffic, not vice versa, isn't it? Well, now, I'll pay you 50 credits simply to sign up for the First Impressions banner exchange: Simply sign up with a valid banner and site url, then give me your username and I'll pay you 50 credits for...
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    20 Credits Per Stumble!

    For those of you running StumbleUpon, I'll give you 20 credits per Thumbs Up + short review you add for this area of my site: Thumbs Up it, go to the review page, write a short review, then come here and post your StumbleUpon username. You'll be credited with 20...
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    Fast 100 Points - Find a Template For Me.

    I need a template that would match the purposes of a VPN site. Someone asked me to find one for him, but to be honest, my new adopted puppy has been keeping me up all damn night and I don't feel like looking for one, so you reap the benefits of his INCESSANT WHINING in the form of 100 points...
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    Desktop Contest 2.0 - Free to enter.

    I thought the desktop contest was a good idea, but after that disaster, this one is now free to enter and the winner gets every single credit I have on hand at the time that I choose the winner, exactly 30 days from now, as well as payment proof. In order to verify that I am not cheating, all...
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    Blood Stain On Tile

    'Tis supposed to be a... well, you figure it out. The shadow is supposed to be someone walking in to see a dead person. Nice, huh?
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    "All Ads Must Be Shown On ALL Pages"

    The rule is that all ads must be shown on all publicly viewable pages. However, I signed up for AdToll and I'd like to include AdSense as the Alternate Ads source, but it requires a page on your own server to have the Ad Code, and nothing else, so it can properly display it. It will be publicly...
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    x10 Serverload Bingo!

    We have what I like to call the "x10 Effect". Any amount of downtime we experience here, we would bash our old hosts to hell for. Here, we take it like a day passing, because everything else about x10 is so kick-eye. So, while you're waiting for your site to come back up, login to your account...
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    Send Me An Email For An Easy 20 Credits!

    All I want you to do is send me an email that has at least two paragraphs, a reasonably intelligent conversation point, and NO CHATSPEAK. I will not reply, but I need a large amount of conversation topics by the end of the week for something. No spam, no nothing. You don't even have to use a...
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    100 Points Per Signup - Two Only!

    All you need to do is signup using this referral link: All information is on the website. For two people only, I will pay 100 credits. Please note that while you could POTENTIALLY make money off of this site, it does not violate the...
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    Change Email

    I recently lost the password to my cPanel after a reformat, and when I used the "Reset Password" function, I never got the email because I am no longer using it. Can you please change the email on the account to Kthx.
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    Advertise meh site for easy credits!

    All you have to do is advertise my site for easy credits. Get a credit per visitor. Just sign up to be an afilliate, and I'll make a customized redirection counter link. Every person that passes through your link will add one to the total and a credit to your total. You can choose to be paid...
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    Easy 500 Points!

    All I need you to do is take this image: Turn the middle lines into a red-orange combination, and the top into a conflicting red-orange combination, darker. It has to be noticeably so. Same with the bottom lines, only it has to be a REALLY different red/orange combo. Same with these: - Make...
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    Get Never-Ending Amounts Of Ten Credits! No Limit!

    All you have to do is go to Nothing Of Particular Interest, comment on one of my articles (it can be any article in any category in any timeframe, I'll be notified of it) that PERTAINS TO YOUR INTERESTS. It needs to interest you and be relatively intelligent. Just post here with the name that...