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    can't install wordpress on http

    Hello I tried install wordpress on http: but the website does not work what is the problem?
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    Problem install wordpress with https

    Hello I think I have installed SSL??, I checked Free & automatic certificate from Let's Encrypt and saved it But when I try to install Wordpress from Softaculos with https I got error with the message "A trusted SSL Certificate was not found" Why and how to fix it?
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    x14 does not work properly

    Hello My website on x14 does not work properly sometimes I cant login to my wordpress admin Should I update the php version to 8.0?
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    How to add SSL and domain

    Hello How to add an own domain ? How do I add SSL certificate to it?
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    Cloud hosting

    what does it mean with new cloud hosting (free) comparing to old ones? how can I optimize cloud hosting for best speed?
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    Lightspeed cache

    Does the free plan support Lightspeed cache plugin? //PerRick75