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    download screen for website

    so when you download something firefox will like ask you to open with <programs> or save file and there button ok or cancel ... know what i talking about? .. is there a way to change that?
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    Calendar Links

    I have a calendar, have days on it, and I want to create links for each day, but I do not manually add each link for everyday... so how can i create something so that day 1 will go to day 1 page, 2 will go to 2, without I adding the links to each one of them ?
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    Display phpbb3 in a joomla page?

    So i get the login part of joomla to login to phpbb, but I want to show my forums in the joomla without go to a different page of forums because forums dont have the links...I try to google it but i don't know keywords and stuff so anyone know?
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    How you make word "disappear"

    You know how people make words disappear like color it with color in the background ... I trying to make the 3 actor in here to copy and paste in my picture, and there some words on the "body" of the middle...
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    I will give 100 credits to anyone can tell me a step by step instruction on how to get joomla login thingy work with phpbb.
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    horror story

    I need to write a 4 pages paper on horror stories anyone have an idea... i can't think of anything..
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    PHP intermediate PHP configuration?

    I believe i have intermediate php configuartion but some how it like go back to basic,:dunno: and i trying to install phpBB and so i need it so i send a request and An error occurred with your PHP version change request. Try again later or contact x10Hosting. (Code 3) so I suppose this how I...
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    [REG][200] Buy a product

    I am giving out 200 credits to anyone that purchases a product from this site other than an emblem. If you would like to join their affiliate program please use c360dfa5 as a referrer when you sign up, I will give 50 credits if you use the accout...
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    see what other program install in other Lan PC ?

    How can I see what other program the other PC in the LAN network without going to the computer? like my friends dad want to see what his son have on his PC but he have password, so how to know what kind of program he have?
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    Anyone good with PHP

    db.php is a file that connect to my database and I trying to array subtitle byline and content that is from clanwebs <?php require_once 'db.php'; $result = mysql_query("SELECT subtitle, byline, content FROM post WHERE `name` ='clanwebs'"); $boxes = array(); while ($row =...
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    [OFF]pro design

    I didn't put any credit on topic because how much you pay depend on how much you request I know how to CSS/HTML 200 credits create a css file so you don't need to put css on every html doc you have .htaccess 300 credits A nice way to Redirects domains that DNS at your accout already...
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    404 error

    can i change x10hosting 404 error the one like there no file in server... that thing can i change it to my 404 error ? and how?
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    I have a.html and b.html and i need a .htaccess file but i can;t create it without a name so i give it a name a.htaccess and RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^a.html$ b.html when i go to a.html it should show b.html stuff but why i still see a.html stuff in it? well i ask before mod_rewrite is...
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    enable mod_rewrite

    is mod_rewrite on for free accouts for x10hosting? because i working on a thingy that i want to try and it unsuccessful and the tutorial say it might be need to enable mod_rewrite so?
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    A Big Idea

    Recruiting for professionals around the world to form up a new online "company" Professionals all come together and work on projects we want together, we can make website that make website for people like freewebs, or we can make professional website for people and earn money together, or...
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    making website for people?

    is it allow to make website and host it under my accout? and what about ads? do their website need to have ads?
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    Hi, i have a website that is black and green words bright green words, and i think if the ads have black background it would look better and the words will more show up .. how do i change the ads background i think i somehow change the word but don't know how with...
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    delete accout

    I want my accout to be deleted, accout is ksclans don't delete forums accout ...just the hosting accout ksclans
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    Can't go to controll panel?

    when i login to my cpanel, it keep loading and loading and loading, and it only show the top image and the left side bar did not show the main website at all just white why is that? and.. do Advanced PHP Configuration php verison get more CPU ?
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    High server resource usage detected

    i GoT suspended, and now not because of High server resource usage detected. and i using Corporate package, which have Bandwidth 45 GB / Month is that mean i use more then that ?? are there packages have more Bandwidth but smaller space ? because i have a chat which people type stuff in to...