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    Could you please unsuspended my account for a lack of activity thanks.
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    Account suspended for excess data use

    What Plugins are you guys using? I had a wordpress blog hosted here until some of the free servers had all those damn problems when c pannel was upgraded a few days ago.
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    Error in MySQL PHPMyAdmin

    no, they should fix it soon all you can do is hold on
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    PHPmyAdmin Broken

    They updated, cpannel everything sql is broken for me
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    MySQL SERVER IS DOWN on chopin... please wait for a admin to fix it

    Yeah, I'm having the same problem they have been going to ages.
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    Error in MySQL PHPMyAdmin

    Yeah, I'm getting the same thing
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    Mysql problems

    Same problem bro
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    Looking to do paid posting.

    Hey Guys, I'm still looking to do work, If anybody knows any where I can apply that would be good, or if you are will to offer me freelance work I will take happily it with open arms.
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    Cracking Down on Spam

    Yes, I can see this is fair, well done on hardly any down time so far btw. I guess this is due to rules like this.
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    Big Sigs,

    Mabey we should have a rethink at how big forum sigs can be, you see some people with masive photos in there sig and it gets a bit crazy, sometimes if there is allot of them in one my internet connection even takes some time to download them.
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    Cracking Down on Spam

    Yes, I was trying to point out legit reasons in my previous post. I love x10 your wonderful but I don't like this rule. Lucky it will not affect me as I know I will not be sending out that many emails but I can see many reasons why someone might.
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    Some Useful Internet Tips

    Very useful, Never though of that, Download Firefox and never allow ActiveX on internet explorer. Like ever! you can get so many god-damn virus from that **** its not funny. Always look at the address bar when opening a link from a email to avoid phishing.
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    R1soft Backups

    Yeah, it works just, once a month is not enuf for most people and I have never used the backups here, I would recommend that you download your SQL's everyday and backup your files at least once a week. If you ever get band from x10hosting for what ever reason you will loses those backups so I...
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    The Sticker glues all confectionery to the vending machine, there is now smoke and sparks coming from the coin slot in vending machine, you get a fine. of $200 for damaging property. Insert $3.50 Press (B,2)
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

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    Count to 200

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    Count to 1 Million

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    Cracking Down on Spam

    Guys, Did you not just remove all dedicated mailing scripts? This should have worked, no? My Website will never send more then 1 email p/w so I have nothing to worry myself about however... I have a forum on another host, that is sending over 100 p/h well over, this is becuse of PM's and...
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    The best mobile operating system...

    for me I would have to say android or windows mobile, symbian is dated and I have OWNED every iphone ever as well as a ipod touch and I must say apple sucks man I could not even send a damn mms with out hacking that phone, apple are OK, now i guess but their a little too app centric the unlock...
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    Which is best free webmail ?

    I would have voted for hotmail but they are blocking gmail emails, so I would have to say gmail.