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    Random Talk Radio - Jobs

    Jobs at random talk radio as DJ's are available. And its so easy! To get one all you have to do is complete this form: Name: Country: DJ Name: Music you like: Fav. band: why you should be a DJ: As easy as that just copy and fill that form out and send it to me at or post...
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    Site down.......?

    Hi for the past few days every time i check other cpus all x10 sites are down. My site is ( I want to know when the server will be stable and wont go down so often. Or why my site is going down. Any1 else having same problem?
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    Google Msn Or Yahoo

    Whats the best Google( gmail,Google talk,Search engine)? Msn(Msn Messenger, Search engine,hotmail)? Or Yahoo(Search engine,Yahoo Messenger,Search engine) Whats the best: Search engine: Messenger: E-mail system: You Decide!!!
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    [OFF]Advertising offered (REVISED)

    I will have advertising on my site For a banner at the very top of my page to fit a bit smaller inside this box .(view site youll see where it is placed) So just a little smaller then that box. Prices: 4 points= 2 weeks 7 points= 1 month(deal) 12 points= 2...
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    New Orleans......Ever?

    About 2 weeks ago there was a giant hurricane that hit New Orleans called Katrina. It completely put New Orleans in Shambles. Houses below water. People trapped.Dead bodies floating around. 1000's of people coopt up in the dome. People being beaten and harrassed. People breaking in to stores to...
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    My Site.Mozilla.NO?

    How can I make my site mozilla compatible? ok so i make my site and i go to mozilla but my site doesnt appear properly its all out of order and the boxes arent showing. Whats going on? So im reading some place and it says it has to be coded? Well I go ok i coded my site why doenst it work in...
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    DJ Jobs open for online Radio

    If you want a job as a dj on my online radio visit and go to the forums and sign up there. You do not get paid sorry.
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    How do you set up cutenews can some one help me? I need it so i can have reporters and stuff.
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    How Long?

    How long does it take to get your account upgraded from static to advanced? My sites up now and Ive asked for an upgrade but its been 24 hours and still no upgrade. How long should it take?
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    I need Photo Shop. How Can I get it?

    Hi How can I get photo shop to make sigs. It didnt come with my pc. I dont wnat to pay for it. Does any1 know where i can get a good version for free?
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    Whats the best PC?

    Well I plan on getting a new computer in february. But whats the best kind. and whos the best company? I have a dell xp now. But it runs slow. I donw want a mac cause you cant play alot of computer games on them and they suck. Should i get a pentium or what? Can some one please tell me their...
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    What are the hottest games to buy?

    Well I wanted to start playing a new game on cpu. I have a few ideas what should i get? 1) World of Warcraft 2) Counter Strike 3) Sims 2 4) Other game. Tell me here what is a really good game and if its one of the 3 tell me why please. If you day other tell me the game and why. And tell me...
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    Is my site not working?

    Hi my website wont load on my computer So i tried . also didnt work? Is it a file or something i uploaded or what?
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    How do you make a sig?

    Umm ok I need a tutorial on something called a sig I think is what it is. So how do you make them? Can some1 tell me or make a tutorial?
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    Some good banner making programs

    Hi I need to make a banner or sig for a banner for my radio site. But whats a good program to use? Any suggestions?
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    Radio hosting help

    Is it possible to host a radio on x10(instead of my cpu)? If it is how many listeners can it hold? Thanks
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    Well i was warned twice about the same post that was not acceptable and i recieved 10 poiunts 5 from 2 admins. I dont think people should be warned on the same thing by 2 admins. Its not fair. So my tip is after some one has been wraned about a post. Delete the post or note that the person has...
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    Advertising Offered

    [OFFERING]Advertising Offered Ok i will have advertising on my site We can either swap links. For a banner at the very top of my page to fit a bit smaller inside this box . So just a little smaller then that box. Prices: 4 points= 2 weeks 7 points= 1 month(deal)...
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    Random Talk Radio

    Hey there Random Talk Radio IS here Hi Im sam, The owner of Random Talk radio. Random Talk Radio is an online radio. It is run by me and a fellow x10 hosting meber on habbwow. He is a supermod on the habbwow forum and radio techie. His name is ariel. we heard about x10 hosting from habbwow...
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    Offering help

    Hi I am willing to offer some help with microsoft frontpage or starting up on online radio if any needs. I will charge maybe 3-5 points pending on what you need. So post here if you need help with frontpage or radios. You may need to give points first. Post for help!