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    Help me!

    Help me! I was testing support Escalation :p /Zubair
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    New Account

    I try to create new account but it say your country is blocked. someone please help me... cpanel username: blackt domain: language: English Package: Adfree ( X ) I agree the TOS
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    Account termination

    cPanel username: blake (X)
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    Account termination

    Any staff member please delete my hosting account.........
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    forum account delete

    But why you want to delete your forums account
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    What is your favourite game of all time?

    My favorite game is counter strike
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    Thanks............ Thats why i like x10hosting service
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    [NULLED SCRIPTS] Account Suspension

    Dvrabii is wrong.... x10hosting is so great. I like it very much. Dvrabii will not able to find such hosting
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    Hi, I am Blake Takasuka..... Welcome me there:biggrin: