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  1. tonynadi

    WP Site Still Won't Post Posts

    There are some overly strong security protections on free hosting accounts (for obvious reasons). I ran into an issue where including <script> tags in a post would cause the same issue. If you want to include the gallery, you could always just do it on the code side with shortcodes.
  2. tonynadi

    406 Not Accepable Error

    What's going on here, is that there is a default htaccess rule trying to say that there IS a file to be served which you request that URL, but that it is NOT a file that apache is WILLING to send you. Usually, this only occurs if your browser demands a certain type of response, which the host...
  3. tonynadi

    MyBB: Error when editing a specific user

    My understanding is that there was a recent update to mod_security rules which is causing this issue for many people. They're working on it.
  4. tonynadi


    My favorite tool for debugging DNS issues: Looks like you setup to have the same IP as, then set an and That's self-defeating. The whole point of the domain name system is so that a url is not...
  5. tonynadi

    Internal server error and other problems

    If that's true, then this is a linux setup I've never before encountered. The most common 500 Errors are PHP errors (which are supposed to show up in the log) After than it would be Apache or htaccess errors (for which SOMETHING should show up) Last would be oddities like internal networking...
  6. tonynadi

    Getting very close to giving up on x10hosting. All because of a simple mod_security tweak...

    Getting very close to giving up on x10hosting. All because of a simple mod_security tweak causing a 403 error on Wordpress.
  7. tonynadi

    Help Please Forums (urgent)

    Just delete the entire third block. You're routing to Then routing to Infinte recursion... (that's not really what's going on, but I'm not diving into the long explanation here.)
  8. tonynadi

    A couple of questions about suspending free accounts.

    ...well I've been active in community helping others, While trying and waiting to get help on a relatively easy mod_security fix. Its been a week. The fix is one that nearly every new account encounters (403 error), and I still don't have a functional site. I can't wait anymore... a week on a...
  9. tonynadi

    Internal server error and other problems

    Check your error_log. There should be a log file somewhere in your root directory that will tell you what those errors are.
  10. tonynadi

    Please help 404 error

    Pay closer attention when reporting errors. That's a 403 error, not a 404. I've been waiting a week to hear back about the same issue.
  11. tonynadi

    Portal to Active directory server

    One last tidbit, there is only one virus (math experiment that doesn't really do anything) that can still function while compressed, so you can always just tar.gz everything as soon as it lands, then use ClamAV to scan the contents.
  12. tonynadi

    Portal to Active directory server

    Sounds like you've got a solid handle on intrusion prevention, though if you're using PHP, I would suggest using PHP: PDO::Prepare rather than HTMLSpecialChars. HTMLSpecialChars DOES NOT prevent injection, but only prevents people from adding HTML or doing XSS. Binding variable to columns via...
  13. tonynadi

    Portal to Active directory server

    The browser won't scream bloody murder if you build-in the encryption instead of using standard certification methods.
  14. tonynadi

    Can't add a domain (addon domain gives error)

    Log into your GoDaddy account. Edit the domain and make sure the record configured the way you want it. Easiest method is to remove all existing records, and just point the nameservers to x10hosting, then... Wait at least 6 hours. No one has control over how long it takes domain updates to...
  15. tonynadi

    Portal to Active directory server

  16. tonynadi

    Help Please Forums (urgent)

    Edit the .htaccess file. Make it do what you want it to. See: Apache Docs
  17. tonynadi

    Portal to Active directory server

    If that's what you're going for, there are even easier ways. Regarding the SSL, use OpenSSL. Do your reading. Ultimately is is through public-key/private-key encryption that you can make things secure. Please carefully consider three main components: Encryption User Authentication Software...
  18. tonynadi

    Portal to Active directory server

    If you route the traffic through the x10hosting server, then it is essentially a proxy, and they may have issue with that. If you use the hosted software to create a connection between the users' browser and your local computer's filesystem, then it would not affect x10hosting. The best...
  19. tonynadi

    Can't add a domain (addon domain gives error)

    Yes, but as you can imagine, most of their time is occupied with paid support. Are you sure you spelled the domain correctly? - I tried several sources for any record of that domain, and it looks like it is still unregistered. - is pointed to x10...