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    [50 credits]The (Un-)Official Christmas Raffle

    im buying 2 tickets
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    Earn creds easy!! (20 + add place)

    i registered under 'thrash' and made 11 posts. can i have some extra creds lol? nice forum btw
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    150 credits total to do number of really easy things..gain referrals and get more!

    Re: 150 credits total to do number of really easy things..gain referrals and get more username: thrash235555555ddddd i have: registered: 15 credits posted: 15 credits suggested a forum: 60 credits advertised: 50 credits = 140 credits the reason i choose such a user name is because during...
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    50 Credits to Register on my Forums

    i registered under user 'thrash' and are making a few posts aswell.
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    [300 credits]Javascript

    im using firefox 3.0.5 i think and it apears to be broken. i cant see anything wrong with the code but there probebly is.
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    [200 cr] Post on forum

    registered under 'thrash' and have made my 10 posts!
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    [REQ][200-300CR] Create profile + get a free blog

    made an account called 'thrash' and created a blog:
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    ering 150 Credits to register, post introduction in my forum.

    registered under the username Thrash
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    Poll: Who is No:1(Google,Yahoo,Microsoft)

    google by far, yahoo by none. i say the voting results ahve got it right.
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Im not voting because Avira Antivir isnt listed. IMO that is the best, except for some paid ones such as NOD32. I have certainly found it better than AVg which i switched form a few months back.
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    Platinium services package: giving too much?

    I dont think it should give less. If the user comes out almost square ($6 as you said) then it isnt to bad.
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    Free Software

    Free software is 100% safe most of the time. Ubunta certainly is. When you get what is normally NOT free software for free (such as windows for free) then thats when things become not safe. I would tell your dad to seriously reconsider hes thoughts on free software
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    hello everyone

    thanks for the warm welcome everyone
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    Thanks Microsoft

    lol $100 thats a little overpriced. i can understand them charging some but thats just way over the top.
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    agreed. is a very good service imo. ill keep using it
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    please update my php vertion to advance

    you can change it in your account ( I think thats how you view it im only new so not sure. anyway go there and change it. Dont expect it to change instantly, it may take a while for someone to accept/decline it. also make sure you have a good reason to need it.
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    Flash - Creating a Preloader

    I wrote the following tutorial for a forum of my last free host, which doesn't exist anymore. Luckily i managed to salvage it using Google's cache. Im not sure if many people will use it, but for anyone using flash online its a must to know how to make a preloader. ---------- Ill start with...
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    Your view: Notice before suspension?

    i voted yes. this wouldn't apply under all circumstances, but what i was thinking is that unless extreme conditions apply then it would give the user an opportunity to backup there files/reset there inactivity. if of course the user has broken the rules badly (hosting illegal child porn or...
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    hello everyone

    just came here after finding this site on (and i can say its ranked about 121 out of a possible 125 there, very nice!). After finally signing up (which is a pain where ever you go, so many things to enter etc) i have to say im very impressed. After reading the php restrictions...