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    Ad problem

    I basically started from scratch with the ad management thing and re-installed it. If the ad fails to show up all the time then I'll try the Global Headers & Footers mod. EDIT - It shows up perfectally fine and doesn't disappear on my main page (where I use WordPress). Maybe it does have...
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    Ad problem

    I'm having trouble with the ad code on my forum. I have the ad management thing installed. The ads show up sometimes, but it's mostly inconsistent and disappears sometimes. I don't know if this matters. If someone from x10 checked my site and the ad management code was being like it has been...
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    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    When does this end? Tonight at Midnight EST (which would be May 18), or May 18 at the end of the day?
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    Windows XP vs Windows Vista

    Windows XP by far, I have another computer that runs on Vista. Horrible operating system, the first day we got it, the computer was as slow as if you had an XP filled with adware.
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban Smith6612 because I'm a jerk.
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    Domain Name/Pointing name servers, etc

    I just purchased a domain in the last hour or so. I'm sure theres a thread on this and something I can read up on, but the search is being screwy for me. So how exactly do I point my domain that I just registered to my current x10 website? Thanks. Current website: