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    Stuck in Hosting

    Good morning. I would like to request help with my domain's DNS problem. I am dissatisfied with X15.X10 Hosting, I wanted to change hosting, but there seem to be DNS records in the company's system, and not switching to the other hosting because it says there is already a DNS record for this...
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    remove all dns records

    Support from another host asked to request unconfiguration of this domain on NS1 (, can you check for me please?
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    remove all dns records

    Hey, how's it going? I ask the support team to remove all dns records from my account referring to the domain ( in order to solve this problem in another host :"A DNS zone already exists for this domain in NS1" I need to delete the dns zone on NS1, help me please!
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    remove all dns records

    Ei, como está indo? Solicito à equipe de suporte a remoção de todos os registros dns da minha conta referentes ao domínio (