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    How do I link my account?

    This is happening to me as well... and I get a cPanel test page when I try to view my site. :(
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    Why Not To Get A Job!

    So... instead of getting a job, you should leech off all the decent hardworking people who have jobs? Think about it - in a capitalist society, most people will need to work for other people, and most people will get a job for which they actually have to work. Even if you are your own boss...
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    mod_ssl test page?

    When I try to access my website I am getting an Apache test page confirming that mod_ssl has been installed. Hey, it worked! The SSL/TLS-aware Apache webserver was successfully installed on this website. It's not a huge inconvenience at this time, and I'm sure it will be fixed soon, but I...
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    phpMyAdmin problems

    OK, I know phpMyAdmin is a slow script, but this is ridiculous. It can take me over 20 minutes for the main page of phpMyAdmin to load when I access it from cPanel. When I actually try to run a query, the connection times out. I am on Cossacks. My domain is and my cPanel...