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    what do you think of the new design of the forum?

    I liked the old one better, this is too clean and shiny
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    What is your Zombie Plan?

    @Wizet; I guess 28 Weeks Later (2nd movie) which is the sequel to 28 Days Later.
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    What is your Zombie Plan?

    A scene from 28 weeks later come to my mind. In which the dad (forgot the name) outruns the "running" zombies, while leaving everybody behind. Well, at that condition it would be very bad, to leave everybody behind not being able to outrun the zombies... not exactly a zombie plan but...
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    Adobe CS3 vs Adobe CS4

    Hmm, can any of you compare their speed?
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    Best Free Stuff

    Gutenberg is very good for classics (in literature).
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    Whats your Web Design Project? I'm trying to put some links that I have bookmarked about music and guitar. Trying to make up an online archive for the people I teach music&guitar... I guess it is pretty poor for the time being...
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    hi all

    Thanks = )
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    hi all

    Hi everybody; yag.