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    Weak Support, No Valid Justifications

    I do understand this. But now, I'm not even getting any reply or valid justification. All I can say that they are pushing people away with this kind of "response".
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    Weak Support, No Valid Justifications

    Hello All, I'm wondering if any one faced the same situation. I had my account with X10 for years, and was excited about the level of support I was receiving and the uptime of the servers, which for a free account is way exceptional. But recently, I found that my account is permanently...
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    HTTP ERROR 500

    Could be an issue in the coding of the website or a server issue .. 5XX Errors are normal Server-Side issue, which could indicate a problem with the server itself, or an issue with the code.
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    PrestaShop compatibility

    I believe you can do this from the CPanel .. Under PHP Version .. Give it a look
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    Password protecting a particular page

    You could create your own mechanism to secure the pages .. or hire a good programmer to do that for you. This way you will be secure, but still need SSL Certificate for better Security, which is not available on X10 Free Hosting.
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    More Disk Space and other features

    @Livewire .. Please advise here
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    More Disk Space and other features

    don't think it would matter alot @kenny9 .. My request seems to be unnoticed :D
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    Getting a 404 error on files that exist.

    maybe case sensitive?
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    Issues with mod_security and fresh wordpress install

    try a fresh installation .. I have installed it, and working fine ...
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    Wordpress not working

    I have WordPress running .. no issues .. But I did download a clean version from WordPress and installed it.
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    osClass instalation issue

    Change the PHP Version from your CPanel and try again.
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    CName forwarding from Godaddy to x10host

    From what I understand, you should change the nameservers from GoDaddy to X10hosting .. After that, add the .com domain as addon domain on your account. It will work.
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    Can't switch to cPanel x3

    try clearing your cache and then login again. Sometimes this helps.
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    More Disk Space and other features

    any admin?!!
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    Cannot access cpanel

    if you have a firewall, and have access to it, check the logs .. this can help you isolate the issue.
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    Why can't I login to host?

    it is better to contact the support via email, believe this will be faster
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    php form not sending out email

    Hi, In the mail function, when you use your gmail, it is the TO email, not the from boolmail ( string $to , string $subject , string $message [, string $additional_headers [, string $additional_parameters ]] ) Moreover, in mail.php, set an email created under your CPanel as advised by...
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    Forum issue...

    file permission maybe?