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    Payment has not been applied

    Hello I have sent $11.95 via paypal and has not been applied to my account Regards, xeno Unpaid Id Created on Due on Total Payment Provider 311 2024-03-06 2024-03-20 $11.95 USD Mailin
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    Resolved Whitelist IP in Imunify360

    That issue was resolved Thanks
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    Resolved Whitelist IP in Imunify360

    Domain is using WP plugin from
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    Resolved Whitelist IP in Imunify360

    forgot to include: IP
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    Resolved Whitelist IP in Imunify360

    As stated, I have a wordpress plugin that posts to multiple domains. During troubleshooting, it was discovered that x10 Imunify360 created a new rule that is blocking the wordpress from posting to this domain. I actually paid for an upgrade so it's not "free service" npdjkqae X11 Regards, Jim
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    Resolved Whitelist IP in Imunify360

    Received feedback regarding unable to multi site-post a wordpress plugin. Error detected: Connection Failed. We suspect that Imunify360, a security layer added by your host, is causing this problem. Please contact your host to whitelist your Dashboard IP in their system. If you need help...
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    Need PHP to increase post size

    PHP post max size 8M Upload max filesize 32M Cannot install JetPack plugin for Wordpress. I have contacted Automattic about the issue and informed me that this is likely the cause for the failed install. Npdjkqae x10 / Thanks, Jim
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    IP blocked

    then please explain why if I disconnect VPN the block occurs? I can log into the begging part of admin section, then enter credentials and blocked with that URL? error: Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site. We can’t connect to the server at If you entered the right...
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    IP blocked

    Cannot access site: The connection has timed out The connection has timed out can access via VPN. looks as if my ISP IP is blocked for some unknown reason. Regards, Jim
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    requesting unsuspension

    Hello Folks, I'm no receiving 'The connection has timed out' on Firefox and Chrome after 8 hours after un-suspention. Can you please take a look
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    requesting unsuspension

    What is this about? can this issue be resolved? Server X11 User Name npdjkqae Registered 2022-02-18 Due Date N/A Billing $0.00 Status Suspended This service is suspended: Malicious phishing content hosted on website. (Code HBTBMVC) This suspension can only be lifted by a support team member...
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    REQ DISK space

    Hello Folks, I am requesting more disk space due to 91% no unnecessary files are stored and only saving 1 email that is attached to this account. have had this account since 2-2022 and haven't violated the TOU Currently using WP and Joomla I plan...
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    Network Blocklisted

    I am not using A VPN, TOR, or other technology was detected. Requests from these services are blocked. How to resolve? I was using x10 hosting for testing and thinking of leaving my current host after 19 years... 10 hours later.. no feedback for the issue Network Blocklisted...
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    Site seems to be having issues

    EDIT: Errors have been resolved. New user and trying to work on a client web space. receiving many system errors that cannot be corrected from my end. Have looked through some forum posts and looks like I have to have a post to get this error resolved. MySQL error: Error getting list of...