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    [REQ]CMS 20,000 Points and $

    Alright, I am offering 20,000 points to whomever can do this for me. If you decide to work with a group of you, I will split the money between you. You will also get a real money payment through PayPal. See below. What I want... I want basically a CMS type site (fully functional) with a...
  2. J

    Simple e107 question...

    Recently decided to go with e107 because it seems to be easily moddable and can do exactly what I want. Anyways, just want to know from anyone who has experience with e107... go to the "links" in the bottom right... Can these be removed through the admin panel or do I have...
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    Whoever can beat my score in A-Blast: Will get 150 points. Is it in you? (thought this would sound good here) ;) Current Winners: Spartan Erik
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    I promise you a laugh.... Basically leave your opinions on this video, I found it hilarious; interested in what everyone else thinks. My personal opinion...this guy is a complete retard. That was the easiest question in the game..
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    Disregard my last post...

    Alright, I am not sure how it works but if you guys review the paid apps. before processing them can someone take a look at mine as soon as you get the chance? ;)
  6. J info

    I need someone to PM the email address I used to create my x10 account so I can upgrade it to static paid right now.
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    It's a conspiracy I tell you!@#!

    Alright, I am playing Guild Wars; the new craze MMO game, right? So, seeing as I am getting pretty good at it, and already have two level 20s (one W/Mo and one M/Wo; the M/Wo is a 55hper, meaning he only takes max 5 damage from any mob), anyways I am farming a far amount of gold and am...
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    Installing all.... 3 points each.

    Yep... I will install anything for 3 points. Payment AFTER I install as always, its only fair if you are satisfied with my work.
  9. J

    teh 1337sauce is backz0r

    wahtsup ;) :squint: ninjastYle
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    And this is my story...

    First he was like "Hahaha, I pwn noobs!" and I was like ""; like this :hahano:. Then he was all like "DAMN YOU!@@$" and he was all tripping out because he was so pissed at me for p00ning him so he was like this :rant:. And I was just like "Ok, so you want to play hard ball? Well, i'm...
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    400th Post

    Well this is my 400th post here at x10 and I don't want to make it some lame reply to some "n00bs" thread. So I decided to make my own topic and ask you guys what you thought. Vote on the poll. :P
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    My sig...

    Alright, just want some critisim on my sig here that I made yesterday. Just wondering what you guys think are wrong with it so hopefully I can fix it and make it look "1337"! :hsdance: Anyways down to business, here's my sig.. (it's in my sig already but i'll upload it incase). *Edit: I was...
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    Merry Christmas!!!

    LOOK DOWN!!!
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    Help with vBulletin...

    How do I get it so that when you are viewing a thread/post, whatever you want to call it... It shows the user information underneath their name (like on x10hosting, on the left side of a post). And not like this:
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    Lmfao Check Out My Title!!!

    That's right ladies. :hsdance: My title is the pWn@g3. What do you guys think? *Edit: Lol, if a mod doesn't like this, this was only as a joke, you can change it though to
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    Site ideas...

    Alright here's the down-lo... I am going to start a website (it is going to consist of a vBulletin - the newest version, whenever a new version comes out, it will be updated within a day; and a portal to go with it, maybe some other mods aswell). Anyways, now, I have very limited ideas, the site...
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    Stickied Thread or Custom Title...

    Please vote on which one (if you were getting one) you'd rather have. I am not too sure what Please give me your honest opinion. And for the mods, if I get a custom title, is it that I can only set it once or I can change it repeatedly? If I get a stickied thread can I edit it any time...
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    What theme looks the best?

    --- Not accepting anymore votes = waste of time. --- Alright the voting is over, I took three polls all on different forums. I added the stats together... So far I had one poll where 50 people voted (fusion = 90%), another poll had around 30 peoples' votes (fusion = 79%), and this poll around...
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    Need some good vBulletin skins...

    Anyone know any good (preferably free) templates for vBulletin? I put my forumerators up and I just need something to make it look good and more organized for now instead of the old classic default style. Thanks in advanced for any sites you can find containing vBulletin skins.
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    1:2 Ratio /w Doubling Numbers...

    READ BEFORE VOTING: Do not vote unless you are absolutely sure of your answer. Alright, the basic point of my post was to get your minds and mathematical skills working. Anyways... here's how it's going down, if you start with 2 and 4 (which obviously means one half). Before continuing: Make...