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    Hello All

    Hello all, I may not exactly be new but I thought I would introduce my self, Im alan Johnston, and im trying to start up my own business, while when looking for servers for my site that wont break the terms of service or the company wont change them, I thought of having my site temporarily...
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    Since you started migration, there are problems on my site (details inside)

    one question 1) i assume you mean the cpanel, i.e https://{xo1/xo2/xo3} ? if so then the ssl certs have been ordered, but not yet put on, it is still safe to proceed, this is just a minor problem, 2) . the only thing i can think of is migration issues, i will let the staff...
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    Unable to access site after migrations also!

    its your dns cache on your pc that is doing that, but its all working fine
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    Default page & can't add my old addons domains

    aleted leafypiggy about this
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    RE:Regarding Adding OF The Parked Domian

    notified leafy about this and is currently looking into this as i speak
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    Missing Files!!!!

    p.s. you may disagree the reply i have gave before, but it seems staff agree with me
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    Missing Files!!!!

    "1. Server Usage Personal accounts are to be used by the primary owner only. Personal account holders are not permitted to resell, store or give away web-hosting services of their website to other parties. Web hosting services are defined as allowing a separate, third party to host content on...
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    Unable to access site after migrations also!

    whats the site address, and server please?
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    working hard to sort little errors as i can

    working hard to sort little errors as i can
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    Missing Files!!!!

    it seems your site is in violation of the ToS's of x10's free hosting account, i have had this conffermed by staff and notified them
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    Cannot login to cpanel

    leafypiggy is now looking into this, he has been notified about it
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    This Connection is Untrusted & The site's security certificate is not trusted!

    the ssl error is just because the new ssl hasnt gone on yet, you can still login with it, if you wish its not a big problem it will still be secure just the cert is not from a reconisede trusted soruce
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    Cannot login to cpanel

    im finding the status now please bare with me
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    Website redirecting to ACFFL

    ill let leafypiggy know now about this and see if he can look into it, most of this had been sorted but there must be some still left to do
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    Cannot login to cpanel

    the server may still be stressed from the migration and needs to settle a little lol think of it like a good pint of guniss, when you pour it it can take a couple of minutes to settle to the perfect pint lol
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    Cannot login to cpanel

    2083 so the login would be now
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    Cannot login to cpanel

    level is now xo3.x10....... its still the same ip address and the site should hopefully be working, if not post back and ill add it to my list
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    Massive post-migration issues (vox)

    xo2 is the new vox they have changed systems now, and i will inform them of the issue, i am personally doing a list of problems and usernames for the staff
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    Account missing files

    minipulin62, the migrations have caused minor problems, they are working hard on fixing this.