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    Fake Email

    Check out my make prank email system, and use at your own risk and in 24hr use
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    Php Mail!!!

    I am on php v3 and i am having problem it will not even send or go:nuts: i would hate for u to close it because of the high volume of people:rant2: but it just not sending i know the script work when i first join x10 thank you:happysad:
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    circo to cossack

    hey i know we having issue but my site is not only down completely but cpanel state that it is on cossack instead of circo by the way I really rather be on circo if available becuz it rarely have problem thx in advance lov x10hosting forever
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    firefox crashes

    anyone notice that:nuts:
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    Anyone need mods or web techs

    Hey x10 anyone who need anything done website wise i can photoshop,mod forums, setup scripts, keep your account active, http coding, link forums to homepage like x10 have their user account setup. I will accept any decent fair amount of credit.
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    crazy offline message

    who here have custom offline message whe the doing temp maintance
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    not loading

    hey my website is not loading over at i think i need my dns flush
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    i need my email

    hey i have a huge problem i remove my domain so it can be change but since it haven't been change i can't set my mx entry back to normal meaning i can't do crap plz can someone look at my request over on the upgrade section
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    Domain problems

    Hey Corey,Admin,Mods,Etc everything been ok for the past 2 m;)nth i been with u guys and I love u guy alot. but their one issue i have to ask about. some part of my site send my user to the subdomain for example if you goto it take you to...
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    my site is doing the same like 24-7gt was any way if u go to my subdomain it work but not my domain
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    plz put it back

    Hey Corey i would like to know can u put backup back on cpanel cuz i delete my site thinkin i had a backup plz
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    u just fix my site but f up my joomla i should shoot u lol thank Corey
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    To Corey

    ?Hey Corey i just got done cleaning my back house and i found (located) my new servers i got for a really cheap price (new school lab teacher though it was junk so it was free) it a HP Proliant DL380 G5 Intel Xeon 5300 sequence quad core with 2 500gb sata hd i have to see if my best friend need...
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    is this normal

    they guys it look like some files got deleted but after some research it is remove my domain from being park i just repark it but will i still have everything up again edit: emails deleted too edit:when i park a domains it say it already config but it not list Cpanel is atron domain is...
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    will everything move over (nameserver and dns) move over?????? not talking about content
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    few ques

    first of all i would like to know can i use the share ssl:lockd:.......... next i would like to thank u for being the best host last is there a way to automatically redirect to a site down page when http is down like earlier today:rant2:
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    Major Problem

    Ok first off i have to say this is the besthost ever more feature than adversite anyway here my problems username=atron 1.Can't login (only though cpanel) 2.domain name problem; ok here the deal i park a domain i am using a yahoo domain. i had it working for hours when the a record...