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    Why should I choose "x10premium" over hostgator?

    Since I see no "premium" forum, I'll just ask here, outside of the free hosting area. Why should I pick x10premium over hostgators shared plans? What is the maximum amount of emails per day? What is considered "excessive usage" for storage, cpu usage and bandwith?
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    How do I get more visitors?

    Currently rsbot ( went down. I made a subforum on my site for rsbotters and since the past four days it has swelled up to over 1255 posts. (not counting posts in other forums lol) So this means around 1800-2000 unique visitors per day! Already someone started working on a new svn...
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    Gaming forum looking for affiliate links

    How many unique visitors a day are you averaging? We currently are averaging 1500-1700 unique visitors a day (and no longer with x10hosing but now with hostgator) Proof of traffic here;unique?login=codershq Someone found a way into cpanel yesterday and reset the...
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    Sony Ericsson X10 mini and X10 mini pro hands-on with video

    lol did they just jack x10hostings name? :biggrin::biggrin: We're kinda chuffed about Sony Ericsson's showing this year at MWC, and between the three launched sets -- Vivaz pro, X10 mini, and X10 mini pro -- this little QWERTY stands out as the best of the bunch. The idea behind the X10...
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    The Ctrl+V game

    Nintendo reaches A$1.5 million ($1.3 million) out-of-court settlement with New Super Mario Bros. Wii pirate; case could affect release timing in Australia of future Nintendo titles.
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    Databases dissapearing from cPanel

    seems like the mysql server is back online again :)
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    Databases dissapearing from cPanel

    yep im on lotus to
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    Databases dissapearing from cPanel

    This goes to show, always make regular backups when it comes to your site, even sql backups!
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    SQL Error.

    it means the mysql server is down
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    Databases dissapearing from cPanel

    Good thing I made a backup today :) MySQL says: #07000(proxy) all backends are down Error in Query: Database connection error:
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    Will this work for getting around email/hour?

    I just recently changed my email settings as described in this thread, will the system still go crazy and try to say the mail is being sent from x10 this way? I've noticed that what's doing it is.. everytime the mysql server goes down, vb...
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    suspension 1:41 am You have been suspended for violating our max email per hour rule - free hosting accounts are only allowed to send 100 emails per 1 hour (3600 seconds). Contact x10hosting support to resolve this suspension unsuspension 1:41 am not applicable suspension 1:41 am You...
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    Girl gets 2 years for cooking cat in oven

    I say they lock up every hunter for two years for killing dear. I say they lock up every fisherman for two years for killing fish. I say they lock up ever momma for two years who's ever swatted a pore little innocent fly, or stomped on that clean little cockroach. Now THAT'S animal torture!!! I...
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    For those days when life says "NO"

    See that icon over the speaker? Press it.
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    Girl gets 2 years for cooking cat in oven

    Apparently this girl had some beef with someone and goodluck scraping out kitty from the oven.:nuts:
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    How old is your oldest email account?

    I was browsing through some mail on one of my oldest accounts and turns out it's over 13 years old!! Show us yours with the oldest email that you have.
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    Gaming forum looking for affiliate links

    Neither of them had affiliate buttons ready and thus the affiliation with them didn't make the cut. Any other gaming sites (hosted on x10 or not) looking for affiliation?
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    How do you count page views?

    I use you can have a public or non public tracker from them
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    Again got rejected.

    There's more than just adsense to use to, like yahoo publisher network And even though I don't reccomend it, alot of people have been reporting $45 a day from cpalead
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    Finally after about 24 hours

    Before an incident this morning where a member of the staff resolved my ticket and wound up dropping all of the tables in my database in the process I had several other problems as well, like the dropdown menus not working, error messages when trying to view threads etc. :nuts: I managed to...