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    My account messed up

    Dear sir, I have and account with you,cpanel username sourabhj,but after sever move i cant login to cpanel,i have a vps with you also,and since there is some problem with chopin ,i want that my free account domain which is not accessible( account messed up...
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    Looking for content for my portfolio (FREE design!)

    Hello Thanks....May i know some details:-... Do you company create css based template /design?...I need me if you want to work...Thanks Regards
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    Please Comment N Suggest For my Website

    Hello everyone, I have setup my website and made some template modifications & iam confused if it looks good or bad :( if anyone would like to make any comments or suggestions regarding my site,i would really thankyou for your valueable time n effort,Thanks for your time looking forward for...
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    File Folder Access Permission Problem

    Hi Everyone Since few Days iam facing a peculiar problem with File folder permissions on my Account.Thats is I have a Login system on my website under /package/login It is working fine except That its Admin section under /package/login/admin is not accessable when i checked its permissions...
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    Directory permission Problem

    Hi, My Account was working fine since today i got a peculiar problem,one of the directory in my account has been automatically set with permissions 000 and i cannot change it with cpanel also,its is the admin directory of my login system under directory /package/login on my domain.please help...
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    confusion about adcode & account panel

    Hi everyone Its being nice to be x10 and now with x10v3 its now more better,but there is some problem which i should tell admins if there is something wrong 1) The account panel show the following information Server IP Address70.86.238.114 Server Load 0 Apache HTTP Offline...
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    Problem with My Account Status

    Dear Admins, My account panel is showing some weird information:- It shows suspended and shows all server status offline ,but my site is up and im regularly login my cpanel,i have just logined mycpanel,but this account panel is showing this weird information alos it show my...
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    Problem With Mail Server

    Hi Everyone, Since Today Iam unable to send And receive mail.Even php sendmail is not working,also from my cpanel webmail i cant send mail.Is server down?.Please help. Thanks Sourabhj
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    account problem

    Hi everyone its nice to be with x10 and now x10 3 is coming providing more better services i would like to wish best of luck to all.well i want to ask for help from admins regarding my account ,sorry for disturbing i know there is updating going on, but my site is still under problem and it...
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    Issues With My Account

    Hi Firstly I would Like To Wish Happy New Year To All. Secondly I requets Admins to Help Me with My account Issues.during The Server Move My account had been lost and i got sustained server hosting but iam facing peculiar problem after that they are-- 1) I cannot acces my site with the following...
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    Unable to login cpanel/open website

    Hi Everyone, I have checked as Admins said to check if i can login at but iam unable to login, it continously asks for username passsword.Admins please help me. my username is sourabhj website is thanks Sourabhj
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    ican't access my website/cpanel

    hi everyone, i have been using x10 since 5-6 months and i am very much satisfied with the service and support but now iam facing too much down time and now i can't even access my website nor my cpanel i have read on post that if any one is not able to login with...
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    frequent downtime of my site

    Hi everyone, since x10 has been moved to new server 2-3 months ago iam facing too much downtime of my site,during this i can access other sites of x10 but particulaly my site is unaccesible,i really like x10 because of its great support and features,please admin please look...
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    Error with php ad after move yesterday in forum

    Hi everyone, my site was running fine until yesterday,after the move i get the error if i try to use php ads in forum please admin look at it and try to solve it iam posting the erro message below:-------- Warning...
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    Php and sendmail problem

    Hi everyone, Since yesterday iam facing problem with sendmail (phpmail) and i get the following message when i try to send message using phpmail or from webmail and the message is as follows :--------------- This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you...
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    need info about popup ads and website revenue generation

    hi everyone, i would like to ask few questions from all x10 members and administrators please try help me my questions are: Is popup advertising is allowed in x10(that is can i show popup ads on my website. What type of ads are allowed. how can i earn some money from ads or...
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    my account service staus problem

    hi, First of all i would like to thank administrators for making my site active again.but after my acount is transferred to new server i am facing a new problem that is in my cpanel when i click account information iam send to a page with my accont info and when i click service status link...
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    php ad code problem

    Hi everyone, iam facing problem with php ad code,the code that is <?php include(''); ?> is not working when i paste this code on my php page which is a contact form ,the ad doesnt comes so can any one help me out of this, as if iam unable to do...
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    free hosting features

    Hi, i have read on some websites that x10hosting have autoresponse facility on free hosting that is i can setup my website email so that it can autorespond to the person who sends the email.this is very nice feature i think.well can anyone tell me detail feature list and what is the downtime ,i...
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    account created but not working

    hi everyone i have sign for free hosting with corporate plan yesterday and today i received a email that my account setup has been completed and i can login to my cpanel account bythese links: but iam...