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  1. arunproff

    Recreating old versions of documents using stored diffs

    doh, i was searching for everything but patch. thanks misson!
  2. arunproff

    Recreating old versions of documents using stored diffs

    hi, i'm trying to build a simple wiki using Python (yes I know there are a couple out there). I also want to track document history. But instead of saving each revision of the document, I thought it might consume less space by just storing the diff for each version compared to the more current...
  3. arunproff

    Virtualization vs Dual Boot

    Duel boot - haha I like that. A duel between the OSes which in kind of what it is. Personally I use virtualization, I have WinXP on my laptop with 2GB of RAM. I use CoLinux to run Ubuntu. CoLinux is great, it gives me all the tools I need for development work, and hardly takes up any RAM. The...
  4. arunproff

    python and mysql

    For postgresql I would recommend psycopg2 - a postgresql library for python. A 3rd alternative and one that is available as a built in module in python2.5+ is sqlite. Sqlite is a fairly robust lightweight SQL engine, while it does not have all the features of mysql or postgresql, it contains...
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    How to re-use an RSS feed?

    There are a couple of ways of doing this. Option 1. Run a cron-job on the server and call a shell script to get the file from the other site and store it in your public_html folder as feed.rss. I'm not sure if x10hosting allows wget or commands like that, but you can check. Or Option 2. Write...
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    The Downfall of the Gaming Industry

    As long as there is money to be made there wil always be a huge (read bloated) industry that is in for the money and will continue to push games that promote graphics and require you to upgrade your PC every 1.337 years. I used to play CS, WoW, BF/BF2 etc and looked forward to new commercial...
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    Thanks K9 and Joshua, i will try that setup. But meanwhile my frihost account has finally been 'handled'. Yay!
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    hi k9, thanks for the reply. I tried the URL forwarding but the problem there is that when I click on links within my website, the URL up top stays constant at the main domain ( Its like I cannot see any of the sub-directories up on the URL address bar. So say I click on...
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    hi, First off I have to say this is a great site and an excellent service. While signing up I got the option to register my domain at, but when I went there the site was not responding so I proceeded with my hosting sign up here without getting a domain name. Later I went back and got the...