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  1. liamk12

    PS2 vs. PS3

    :thefingerps2:thefinger ps3 is way better
  2. liamk12

    What do you think of Grand Theft Auto 4

    i realy like playing the game but yes the hype was not as it seems they could of made it better.
  3. liamk12

    Website creation

    im not a verry good website maker lol i just use dreamweaver i need to be more creative than what i am at the moment lol.
  4. liamk12

    Make money filling servays

    k cheers :)
  5. liamk12

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    i ban wolf for banning russ for banning smith for banning wolf for banning starshine for banning pg games for banning aopsftw for banning smith for banning alex for banning dannad :)
  6. liamk12

    Is Chess a sport?

    i think it is becouse you have rules in it and you compete with another play so it probably is classed as a sport.
  7. liamk12

    Nice site for free logo design!

    thanks for the site its great for a good logo :)
  8. liamk12

    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    i thought that the components might melt so i turn my pc off before bed and its off for 13 hours around and then on for about 8 hours when im working on something and i rarely clean it and ive had it for around 4 years and ive had it fixed 4 times due to viruses not the components.
  9. liamk12

    Default Index Page- ???

    your index page is a home page when you make your own homepage you could call it index and delete the other one and it will then show the one that you created as your homepage if you have not changed your index page it will be the default x10hosting one.
  10. liamk12

    [AD] Alternative Maplestory server [EnvyMS]

    hi ive played maplestory before but how do i join the server??:dunno: