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  1. brittbr2

    Which is better iPhone or android

    so yesterday I upgraded from android to iPhone and I love my iPhone better it has a better camera and most apps are more up to date than android apps so which do you like better
  2. brittbr2

    Silver Line Studios

    I cant access your site as I dont know the link
  3. brittbr2

    What is my server name so I can set up shared SSL

    On Free hosting SSL isnt offered on free hosting
  4. brittbr2

    Upgrade to Prime Hosting

    I just got rick rolled
  5. brittbr2

    What do you think of my site?

    I like the design it's simple maybe create a page about how to use the site cause it's confusing I have no idea what buttons do what and the admin link should be hidden because it could allow some one to try and hack in to the admin panel. The logo shouldn't link to another site it should link...
  6. brittbr2

    Delete my forum account and posts

    Not that I believe why
  7. brittbr2

    Mobile forum view issue

    Your welcome for the screenshot
  8. brittbr2

    Review My Site!

    You do realize what your hosting will get your site shut down and can get in legal trouble from xenforo this is NOT A FREE SOFTWARE and you providing it free is breaking all copyright laws REPORTED POST TO THE STAFF
  9. brittbr2

    Mobile forum view issue

    Hey I am seeing an issue view the forums on my phone see attachment for the issue
  10. brittbr2

    Something I've noticed here

    I agree they are they help you the best they can
  11. brittbr2

    Something I've noticed here

    I've been reading over topics and I've noticed some people are unhappy with this host it's a FREE host and the support staff here are VOLUNTERS so please be patient I've used this host in the past and was happy but if your going to be rude it wouldn't want me to help you
  12. brittbr2

    Worst Control Panel you have used

    So whats the worst control panel you have used then worst I have used was vistapanel a cheap knock off of cpanel
  13. brittbr2

    Temporarily Disabled for resource usage

    I use updraft are you backing everything up at once database ect... If so try only one item at a time in doing so should not cause high user load but while doing it take your site into maintance mode so nothing can change such as comments
  14. brittbr2

    Internal Server Error

    Make sure your theme is up to date because some themes are not compatible with the latest wordpress I have wordpress on my site and have had that issue due to a theme
  15. brittbr2

    Finally Finished

    I get error 404 page not found
  16. brittbr2

    Big Bro Game Reviews

    Also there are no posts so to gain members you should make some posts telling them why to join
  17. brittbr2

    Big Bro Game Reviews

    I like the use of mybb and the theme is nice the logo is decent and I love that I'm not overwhelmed with empty forums and I actually joined and can't wait to see what you going to do with the site to make it better
  18. brittbr2

    Unable To Login My Account

    Are you behind a fire wall that blocks that post and as bdlister said spanking won't help
  19. brittbr2


    I access your site fine
  20. brittbr2

    Can't get past Email Confirmation/SignUp Page.

    Did you try resubmitted the Signup