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    I never was a cat person until I became a cat's person.

    I never was a cat person until I became a cat's person.
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    Guide for nameservers

    For those not running WHM, I did write a step by step how-to right here on x10's forums. It is for CentOS 5.5, I don't think it would be much different on CentOS 6.5. If anyone tries it and finds out it is, feel free to send me a PM and I will try to work on one for CentOS 6 when I can.
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    Forum session expiring like mad.

    Already on it. No issue so far.
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    Setting up your unmanaged Fedora 18 x10VPS.

    Installing PHP/MySQL Many web projects will require the functionality provided by these packages, and it is extremely easy to install them on your unmanaged Fedora 18 x10VPS. There is not much configuration to be done initially. That will be covered in my series of posts directed at configuring...
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    Setting up your unmanaged Fedora 18 x10VPS.

    Apache (httpd) initial Configuration on Fedora 18 What is HTTP? HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol used when viewing/hosting websites. What is Apache? Apache is a HTTP server. It is easily configurable and very widely used. Configuring Apache Apache is another...
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    Setting up your unmanaged Fedora 18 x10VPS.

    Create zone file In order to named to know which domains it is working for, you must tell it in configuration file. The common practice is to have a configuration for a domain in it's own file. Zone configurations, by default, are stored in /var/named/. This can be changed, but...
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    Setting up your unmanaged Fedora 18 x10VPS.

    I'm not very good with introductory spiel, so here are some points: This tutorial is not a guide for installing webmin or other control panel. This tutorial assumes you have a fresh install of Fedora 18 (x64 or x86) on your x10VPS. This tutorial will walk you through and explain steps to set up...
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    Forum session expiring like mad.

    I am in the middle of working on a series of tutorials for the VPS Tutorial forum. The thing is after switching tabs, or tinkering with things on my testing server for a bit the forum logs me out. I have "Stay logged in" checked off every time I log in and it still happens. I see it's a...
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    VPS firewall

    You won't find an answer to your question, sadly. That's just because there aren't many solutions to what you're looking for because there aren't many reasons to have it on Linux. There are some options that I can think of: 1. Uninstall the application that is connecting to the internet when...
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    VPS works great but SSH is not

    I don't know if it will help you, but when I rebuild my VPS (on X12) the root password changes to something random(?) and you have to change it to whatever you would like it to be from the control panel ( under in the "Root Password" tab.
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    Free VPS Trial

    I agree that a trial should be a fully featured limited time type of deal. Maybe even offer a free trial including the cpanel build or something so they can see the performance differences, but also see that the learning curve doesn't have to be extreme in order to run a vps?
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    How to setup domain name on CentOS?

    Another option, outside of BIND is TinyDNS, AKA djbdns. Kloxo has an option to run under this as well. There are pros and not very many cons to using TinyDNS over BIND. For instance, it isn't as targeted for vulnerabilities, it can pretty much do anything BIND can with a much smaller memory...
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    It is. You're the best!
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    Yes, that is all. If it's no problem, I would appreciate it.
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    So I've spent about an hour or so trying to fix my account(s) credentials to all be the same. I registered originally from a free hosting account which has since been deleted(?) since I don't use it. I go to request complete deletion and I get the message "Support is currently closed for the...
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    VPS Setup?

    Not forgetting that there is a CentOS 5 OS template with Kloxo already installed, which is another great alternative to Webmin/Vitualmin.
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    X10 Nameservers, dns service

    TinyDNS is a VERY simple DNS daemon. It comes with supervise which makes sure the daemon starts again if it crashes. You might have it in a repo depending on your distro. It's usually in there as djbdns. Getting used to new things is poopy, but TinyDNS really is TINY. It runs with very...
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    Setting up SMTP/mailserver

    Ditto... this will be the fourth or fifth time.
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    X10 Nameservers, dns service

    If it's to my understanding don't our VPSs use x10's nameservers for DNS resolution too?