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  1. onezei

    Review My website

    Hello, Nobody has mentioned an actual simple solution. A single HTML page. No CMS. No RVSiteBuilder(which produces uglys) ect... Take a look at this post from 2009 or simple google "Free Single page HTML template"...
  2. onezei

    My new site

    Nice Site. x10Hosting offers easy CloudFlare integration. I would recommend using it for this forum to speed it up and protect your site from spammers, ect...
  3. onezei

    Enjoy my music site !

    Nice site. I would recommend using Google Web Fonts and possibly localization (for non-Chrome or non-auto translating browsers).
  4. onezei

    Review My Site
  5. onezei

    So what do you think of my site?

    Mabey the admins did? Your account is now suspended lol.
  6. onezei

    My newest project!! take a look!

    Your site is just a gif. Wow, how long did that take? Amazing design and effort. Your website is really top notch.
  7. onezei

    Check out my latest design for a rap forum

    Your site is not loading. How can we review it?
  8. onezei

    All new HTML help site

    Hello, Honestly, your site is reminiscent of the early 90's. Nobody "designs" sites like that anymore. Abandon this whole concept, do not try to get "new people" to learn techniques from 20 years ago. Good day.
  9. onezei

    Disk Full

    Hello, I am getting disk full errors. I am on Starka
  10. onezei

    FTP/cPanel Not Connecting

    Hello, I can view my pages fine in the browser but cPanel isnt fully loading and neither is FTP. I'm on Starka ---------- Post added at 02:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:18 AM ---------- My cPanel now loads and FTP is working.
  11. onezei

    My server is giving an error

    It is working fine here. Thank you for the quick action!!
  12. onezei

    My server is giving an error

    Server Error There has been a server error. Please try again momentarily. If the issue persists, create a support ticket. I log into my x10 control panel and it says the domain is still unsuspended, what's going on? edit: I'm on starka and I see a few others have the same problem. I am using...
  13. onezei

    X10 and Captchas

    I was just gunna write a post about how much x10Hosting rocks, when I noticed this new captcha. I do believe this is the one on the cPanel login page (ie, while I don't mind doing these to protect against spam and the likes I was confused at first. I have never come...