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  1. PKamat

    Hey there. I saw a thread where you were willing to help with a graphic design. I'm wondering if...

    Hey there. I saw a thread where you were willing to help with a graphic design. I'm wondering if you could do a small banner for my site ?
  2. PKamat

    Art portfolio site

    Hey guys. This is a site I put up for my mom and the art classes she's conducting. Let me know what you think. Any optimization suggestions on the parallax scrolling would be greatly appreciated! Palette Kid Kind regards Prasad
  3. PKamat

    Forum not sending out emails

    Emails are still not being sent out for me... please check your filter? I barely need to send out 50-100/day.
  4. PKamat

    Forum not sending out emails

    Thanks! Hope it's resolved soon enough. :)
  5. PKamat

    Mail server error - SMTP error !!!

    No, it's not. My entire website too is just not sending out emails. They're not received by any of my users.
  6. PKamat

    Help Me please! Emails not sending

    Likewise.. Having the same issue... I need my users notified asap as it is a high priority project we're working on. Wow.. this is frustrating!
  7. PKamat

    Forum not sending out emails

    I've tried everything, contacted SMF support. Both my inbox and spam folders are empty! My forum just won't send out any notification emails at all. Even the welcome emails sent to new users on registration are not being sent. SMF redirected me asking me to contact my host. It's a fresh new...
  8. PKamat

    Couple of questions...

    Thank you! :)
  9. PKamat

    help me guys

    This thread itself is already in the Community Support section of the forum. Maybe you could PM a 'Community Advocate' member to elevate this thread to the staff's attention...
  10. PKamat

    What?! All LOST!??

    I have a question regarding the same... Just thought I'd post right here, no need to start a new thread. And it's not that I'm hijacking this one :P But I wanted to know if you mean inactivity in your site or in CPanel or where exactly does the site note inactivity before you're terminated ...
  11. PKamat

    help me guys

    The domain you're trying to change your hosting account to as your primary domain... If this domain is owned by you, I would suggest opening a support ticket. I had a similar problem. I created a support ticket, it was elevated to the attention of the staff, and the issue was resolved. Now I've...
  12. PKamat

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I can see that it's Open Source! :) I've never heard of it before, but since I'm only just using AVG Free anyway, I think I'll give it a shot. I'd rather use a software that's free and open source to begin with, rather than the free edition of a paid software...
  13. PKamat

    Couple of questions...

    Okay. But don't the ad-enhanced plans pay out better for you ? Anyway, it's not my place to say... However, I was wondering if you could allow me just a couple extra email addresses in my account if I put up your ad(s) and even linkbacks on every page of my site ? EDIT: Ummm... still no...
  14. PKamat

    Couple of questions...

    Thanks for the info! :) That's nice! But since I'm on adfree-infinity, I don't think these things would matter. Instead, how do the other features (like SQL databases, emails, etc.) compare ?
  15. PKamat

    Couple of questions...

    How does the ad-enhanced plan compare to the adfree plan ? Because I certainly don't mind my host earning through my site indirectly this way through ads (since I obviously can't pay, else I would have...) :) Also, in this forum, why am I not getting credits after posting even in "Crossfire" ...
  16. PKamat

    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I prefer (and use) Windows 7. It's faster (including quicker booting), more aesthetically appealing, better performing (with a good system :D ) and most importantly has DirectX 11, which I'm looking forward to gaming on in the future (given I'm a hardcore gamer :D )... Go Win7! :)
  17. PKamat

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Asking which is the best antivirus software or best OS, etc. is like asking what's the best religion. Opinions differ with these things, just like brands. Anyway, AVG Free is the "Best AntiVirus" for me... serves it's purpose and it's free... What more could I want ? :) -Prasad.
  18. PKamat

    My Feedback

    Hello there! I just felt it my responsibility mentioning how great this site and it's hosting service is! Given the fact that I'm literally paying (zero, nada, kein, nyet) for hosting, I couldn't be more satisfied with X10Hosting or any other host for that matter! :) Also, I don't have to put up...
  19. PKamat

    Upgrade and help

    Hello! I need my account upgraded to the new ad free package. Also, I'm unable to change my main account domain to which I own. It keeps giving me this: Error Code: 1E9F63B0 Please help... Thank you! :) -Prasad.