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  1. lnakuma

    Question about uploading files

    If you use firefox, you can download FireFTP addons, and all FTP account information is in your cPanel, just look through your cPanel->FTP
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    this is the most helpful post ever!!!! asdfgasdfasdfaefasdf
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    So I know what not to do in the future

    i dont think that would cause the problem. i edit my page ftp to the server, then hit fresh button quite often also, specially when i do xhtml validation or debug ajax. never had this issue. did you do cron job or any other that require lots of system resource?
  4. lnakuma

    The Downfall of the Gaming Industry

    I still remember the days I play tetris on nes, computer, t189 in school way back then. it doesnt have story line or super graphic at all. as a pc gamer, only game i play right now is wow. i am against monthly fee also, absolutely hate it. but on the other hand compare to all ppl around me...
  5. lnakuma

    Stats? awtstats? raw access log

    Google Analytics and Google Webmaster are always nice tool to have for traffic and search engine
  6. lnakuma

    Need help about javascript

    I found out my problems. first, msg.className should be 2 css classes instead of one. and the other problem is simply a typo.. closeModalWindow('comfirmDeleteBlog'); who would spell confirm "comfirm"? jesus..... lol btw: had firebug but never used it. now i see i should...
  7. lnakuma

    Need help about javascript

    The original page is at but it requires register and actually post a blog. So I upload a set of pages really fast at with manor changes(get rid all the php code and html...
  8. lnakuma

    Need help about javascript

    Thx for the advise. I won't be disappointed if I did not get help right the way, and I'm sure I will be helped later some time when others have time either to sit down to read my post or to find problems of my code. as far as your suggestion, that's what I am doing right now. put a javascript...
  9. lnakuma

    Need help about javascript

    Im fairly new to javascript. I am trying to write a function that would create a div element inside the html without much of success. here is my javascript function function deleteBlogEntryLayer ( value, url ) { var msg; var msgcontent; if (...
  10. lnakuma

    Deleting website content?

    directory: _private, _vti_bin, _vti_cnf, _vti_log, _vti_pvt, _vti_txt, cgi-bin file: should be index.htm (should be one more, i dont remember, but shouldn't be important, index.htm could be deleted as well, since you probably gonna make a new one anyway.) delete the rest. I'm not insulting...
  11. lnakuma

    Lotus down?

    HTTP is fine atm, but FTP is not working
  12. lnakuma

    Website is down

    It means that site was down for whatever reason, and it got back up again. that the part of or was. his site is good now.
  13. lnakuma

    Is it still the same prob as blank cpanel

    Thanks for the input guys. looks like the cPanel has been fixed, and my MySQL error is gone also. :)
  14. lnakuma

    Anymore WoW's?

    Could it be World of Starcraft??? lol Anyway, Wow is a huge impact game, but have anybody ever heard Eve Online? I've heard different opinions about which mmorpg game is the best game in the world.
  15. lnakuma

    Is it still the same prob as blank cpanel

    I know this couple days, corey is fixing problems. which result blank cpanel. so does it mess up mysql and database also? from $query = "UPDATE `login` SET `lastlogin` = '". $date ."' WHERE `login`.`id` = ". $row['id'] ." LIMIT 1 ;"; $result = mysql_query($query) or die ("Database...