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  1. challapradyumna30

    Default page appears instead of Home page

    Stop *****ing and go for paid hosting if you want to . Why are you here if you think this is a scam. You even did not buy a domain .LOL . x10 is the best free hosting. This is the first downtime i've experienced in almost 8 months and that is good enough if i am not giving anything back. BTW...
  2. challapradyumna30

    Default page appears instead of Home page

    Having the same issue . Any conformation from the admins yet??
  3. challapradyumna30

    What did you get for christmas then?

    Dell Studio 15 - 1555 ( I'm a Hindu) :)
  4. challapradyumna30

    Online Student Grade Portal (HELP!)

    If you have some knowledge in php and Sql its not a big task. With some framework knowledge its becomes a days work to the max. Advantage of writing our own is that we can make any kind of adjustments or new features on the fly.
  5. challapradyumna30

    Patch to overcome 4 players limit in NFS: MW over LAN

    No there is no patch to overcome the 4 player limit. Sorry....
  6. challapradyumna30

    Codeigniter Configuration.

    How to configure Codeigniter to work correctly. Currently i have codeigniter installed at Not working correctly . Thanks for the help in advance.
  7. challapradyumna30

    Do you know how to configure codeigniter?

    Do you know how to configure codeigniter?
  8. challapradyumna30

    Codeigniter Configuration Help.

    I have setup everything correctly( I assume) but the framework seems to be not functioning correctly. the default controller fires up correctly but other than that nothing works. here is the address - which works correctly as assumed but this -...
  9. challapradyumna30

    All the files are deleted

    Thanks thats a big relief. I was freaked out.
  10. challapradyumna30

    All the files are deleted

    my free hosting account id is cpanel is pradyumn. I had wordpress installed and also did 8 long posts suddenly everything is deleted. everything is empty in my ftp. Admin please help!!!!
  11. challapradyumna30

    DNS cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Yesterday i have changed my main domain from to and it worked fine. i also changed the name servers in my domain name control panel . Now i the DNS have been propagated and i am getting redirected to . What to do??