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    Account Retrieval

    Hi There, My account was suspended for inactivity but i used the unsuspension system but now my account has been deleted, the username was If you could assist me in recovering my account it would be appreciated, Thanks, Jchevin
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    Apache Tomcat Support?

    I think that having Tomcat would be good for those who dont use a lot of server resources (i use my account for testing stuff as well as my blog but thats about it!) I think limiting the resources your applets use would be a good idea. To be honest if your using a large chunk of server resources...
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    Hey, Thanks for that. If this works it will be very useful. Thanks again.

    Hey, Thanks for that. If this works it will be very useful. Thanks again.
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    Unsuspension Status "Unknown" account "jchevin"

    Account has been unsuspended, Thanks X10Hosting :biggrin:
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    Installing ShoutCast Server

    Your Country of Residence will have its own licensing body which you can buy a license off. Over in NZ the gyms we have, are being forced to buy licenses because they play music publicly, and the gyms are not very happy! So in short, buy a license or face the wrath of EMI, Universal Music or...
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    Hey Everyone

    Hi, I'm Josh, and hoping to become more familiar with HTML, CSS and PHP. Im looking into E-Commerce and CMS's. Im the kind of person who dives into things and learns as they go, so i hope i can become a bit more knowledgeable at X10Hosting! Also, i probably should have chosen a bit more of a...
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    Unsuspension Status "Unknown" account "jchevin"

    It wont let me as it is still trying to unsuspend me at the moment. It still hasnt changed from Unknown.
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    Unsuspension Status "Unknown" account "jchevin"

    Yea i had read this on other forums, the thing that threw me was the "unknown" status and that some people have said that you should be unsuspended in minutes. But I guess I'm a bit impatient!:biggrin:
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    Unsuspension Status "Unknown" account "jchevin"

    To be honest i can be sure, i probably did, and i have read that not logging into the forums before unsuspending is not the best of ideas.
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    Unsuspension Status "Unknown" account "jchevin"

    I have hunted through the forums for a solution to this problem, but maybe i have not been patient long enough. But i (account is jchevin) was suspended for inactivity, and i clicked the unsuspend button, and it went to pending for around 7 hours and now it is saying that the status is unknown...
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    Did Any One Really Earned Real Money

    You right to be suspicious, its very hard to earn money without putting much effort in. Which makes finding real ways to make money, not scams, quite difficult.:happysad:
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    What CMS do you suggest?

    I have [retty much no experience in css, html etc so i know im jumping in the deep and, but what is a simple CMS for an absolute noob like myself that anyone would recommend, i have the ability to learn css, html, php, etc. :happysad:
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    Help With Creating a CMS

    I am pretty new when it comes to these things but have you tried existing CMS's like the others have said? Joomla and Silver-stripe are pretty popular to name a few, plus there is probably a huge community backing these open-source options. So finding information on modding them for your needs...
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    E-Commerce Website

    Hey, Yeah i have a couple of E-Commerce sites running as tests on my account to see how they fit in for me. One that I have noticed that is quite popular is OSCommerce. I have seen a lot of live stores (so of which i have bought products from) use this package so i guess its proven! Although...
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    E-Commerce Website

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has used X10 hosting to host an e-commerce store? if so any tips that they would have to offer a person starting out would be great! Thanks!
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    The Downfall of the Gaming Industry

    I find it quite unusual that a lot of the best selling games are orientated around shoving a gun to peoples heads. i guess it is human nature but it does make you wonders sometimes....:nuts: