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  1. BigEmmaFanz

    FTP messed up

    The FTP to my site is working either very very slowly or not working at all... username : emwatson I've tried out other sites and it's working fine and surfing is fine... Just the FTP. Please assist.
  2. BigEmmaFanz

    I have a question about a file...

    I found a file called "core.7914" on my public_html that I didn't upload. Can someone shed some light on this. Could it be that someone managed to hack in to my ftp and uploaded it and that it's a virus of some kind?
  3. BigEmmaFanz

    Also suspended for no reason...

    I got suspended for no reason and no email. I have ads on all the viewable pages. I was still using the old one and I'm wondering if that's the problem. Please help. cPanel Username: emwatson Domain: X10 Package: Corporate How long your account has been up: Almost a year...
  4. BigEmmaFanz

    Cpanel Redirect problem

    Odd, in cpanel's redirect function/service... It allows us to redicect a specific page to another right? like for example, my account is "" They have there [_________] Where we insert what we want as a redirect point and then another box...
  5. BigEmmaFanz

    favicon error

    I checked my error log for my site and all the errors are the same thing... a favicon error. What does this mean? What's a favicon?
  6. BigEmmaFanz

    Banners/Avatars for points

    I'm making banners and avatars for points. The banners I make are at fixed sizes so you gotta choose from there. [Banner Sizes --> Prices] 500x100 - 25 points 500x150 - 35 points 600x200 - 45 points Avatar sizes are fixed at only 1 size, I do not make 150x150 avatars or animated ones. A...
  7. BigEmmaFanz

    Account Suspended

    cPanel Username: emwatson Subdomain: X10 Package: X10Corporate How long your account has been up: Since June/July Did you have the ads placed on every page: Yes
  8. BigEmmaFanz

    New site layout

    I need some input for this layout... I'm gonna add more but this is like the base of what it'll be like... Emma Watson Central
  9. BigEmmaFanz

    Criticise this site

    Has anyone got any constrictive comments or criticism for my site? I'm open for any suggestions to make the site better... It's all done by me, graphics and all.
  10. BigEmmaFanz


    Somehow, all of a sudden, I can't chmod anything at all... Coppermine requires me to chmod the folders containing the images to batch upload file but it's not working at all.
  11. BigEmmaFanz

    MySQL query

    I have downloaded a "users online" script and I need to create a table on a database manually. I'm already in the phpmyadmin and have already chosen the database that I want to use. But I come across this bit of instructions in the manual of the script that I've downloaded. Thing is, I'm new...
  12. BigEmmaFanz


    Is this server ASP capable? If it is, I'd like to use... say... a flash chat, do I need permission or something?
  13. BigEmmaFanz

    Max file size

    What's the max filesize anyone can have on their server? Because I own a fan site. There are some videos that I have of her and want to share with other people.
  14. BigEmmaFanz

    News Management

    Can anyone recommend me a good news management script? I'd like to be able to use a form to add in news and then have it appear on the main page of my site... and that the script automatically takes the 11th and above news article on the main page into an archive that I can embed into another...
  15. BigEmmaFanz

    Just a clarification

    I'd just like to clarify something... Just to be safe. If I use the forum from, I don't have to put an x10 ad on it... right?
  16. BigEmmaFanz

    A lil CPanel problem

    Umm... Fantastico is not working at all... can someone gimme a hand? It displays this message "PHP script /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/fantastico/includes/ is protected by SourceGuardian and requires file ixed.lin.4.3.11.pxp. Please read SourceGuardian protected scripts...
  17. BigEmmaFanz

    Xbox 360

    Have you all seen it and what do you think of it? I think the design is kinda plain... >,< It looks like something a kid made.
  18. BigEmmaFanz

    Just some questions

    I have some questions to ask anyone who can help. Pardon me for sounding stupid at times. >,< I'm seriously lost. 1. How do I install coppermine gallery into the server? 2. How do I get into cpanel? Oo 3. I want to make another subdomain, how do I do it. It says that the corporate package has...