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  1. joandajer

    help, I cannot access my cpanel

    Hi guys, i need you assitance with my account, unfortunately a cannot access it sonce the change of server, can some reset the password and sendit to me and can some one tell me how to change the name of the domain???
  2. joandajer

    It works!...Please help!!!!

    It works! i have this message in my main page of my wordpress webpage...can some help me with this???
  3. joandajer

    Internal Server Error

    Hi guys...i've been trying to install PHP classifieds and is giving me an Internal Server Error. i've change the 0777 to 0755 and nothing happen so i went to another hoosting that i have (the one that i use to test my websites) and the installation wnet fine....can some one help me????
  4. joandajer

    How do i add the code for the ads on wordpress???

    how can i put the code: <?php include(''); ?> on worpress?
  5. joandajer

    How do i add the code for the ads on wordpress???

    how can i put the code: <?php include(''); ?> on worpress?
  6. joandajer

    Cpanel link

    can someone give me the Cpanel link???
  7. joandajer

    I need Corey on this

    hi corey, i have a problem in with the hosting...i've with ur hosting service since may 2005 and i didnt have any real problem with the company but after the service went down like 2 wks ago my acct was erased, deleted, puff!!! just dissappered and nobody can help me with that, i really like the...
  8. joandajer

    FANTASTICO phpbb2 issue

    i've install phpbb2 from fantastico, how can i put new templates on it?
  9. joandajer


    I need to know how to work with ASP on the server?
  10. joandajer

    Internal Server Error

    i was trying to install php classified and got this error.... Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time...
  11. joandajer

    noah´s classifieds error

    PHP 4 not found. The application requires PHP 4. Please download it from or from, and try it again! this is error that is giving can i solve this
  12. joandajer

    how can i access fantastico?

    i dont know how to acess fantastico since the link was removed from cpanel. can someone help with a correct answer?
  13. joandajer

    register globals

    im trying to install a e-commerce site but i cannot not do it because is giving me an error like the register_globals is off on php.ini...can some one help to turn it on?
  14. joandajer


    did u took fantastico of the hosting...cuz i dont have it?
  15. joandajer


    hi guys, i wanna know if i can run ASP pages on my hosting?
  16. joandajer

    Server Down?

    i've tried to access my page an its giving me an there a problem with the server?
  17. joandajer

    How do i enable "register_globals" ?

    i wanna install some oscommerce script and the system is giving me this error: FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!..pls help me
  18. joandajer

    GD library

    how do i now if the hosting server has GD library?????
  19. joandajer

    DB SQL problems...some help please!!

    i have a problem with my database cause im unable to install vbulletin, according to the system cannot connect to DB...can u help me on this???
  20. joandajer

    SQL: cant connect

    i was trying to install vbulletin and i created a new DB, according to the error, the system cannot connect to the database...can u help me on this???? i´ve done this before but it seems the DB is not working or something, am i right¨?