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  1. eminemix

    Who killed x10 forums?

    Yup, forums were more alive when I first registered. :)
  2. eminemix

    Can't sing up for hosting account

    I had a hosting account here long time ago but it was suspended for inactivity. Now i cannot make another one. "Due to continued abuse from your country of origin we have currently disabled signups. Please try back at a later date. " I know the ToS and never break any rule.
  3. eminemix

    I Have No Friends

    This video has been removed by the user. huh?
  4. eminemix

    x10 not accessible

    I can't access the x10 website from my home ip ( Seems like i am banned or is it something with my ISP? > tracert 1 37 ms 99 ms 99 ms dsldevice.lan [] 2 13 ms 13 ms 13 ms 3 12 ms 12 ms 12 ms...
  5. eminemix

    Anyone here using Paypal?

    Paypal is a good way to pay for stuff on ebay, and safe too.
  6. eminemix

    My hosting account terminated

    Thanksy xPlozion. Really helped :)
  7. eminemix

    My hosting account terminated

    I think my hosting account got terminated for inactivity. What can i do? When i try to login to x10 i get the "Link your hosting account" message and when i type it "The hosting username you specified does not exist." I try to create another acc. and sais "you have an account. use it"
  8. eminemix

    The smallest USB stick

    I have a 512 MB stick, and it was very expensive when i bought it.
  9. eminemix

    Website language

    I am asking the permission to create an website in my native language and after that ( aprox ~ 1 week ) to translate it into english. Cause it's much easier to think in my native language and after that translate it. So, can I please do that ?
  10. eminemix

    Anyone tried Google Chrome?

    Really love it. But i'll stick to my FF+Adblock for now.
  11. eminemix

    New VPS Service!

    Why do i need to buy a domain if a VPS is what i want .. The prices are very low, that's a major plus.
  12. eminemix

    Firefox 3.0

    I have a 64kbps connection and Firefox+AdblockPlus(add-on) makes me surf much faster.
  13. eminemix

    Re: Beruby another improved PTC ! (they pay through PayPal!) doesn't pay. Removed my account when i reached 100 $.
  14. eminemix

    A Cool download site with the latest software!

    Filehippo update checker found me updates for 22 programs :)
  15. eminemix

    got paid by PTC Paid me 10$.
  16. eminemix

    350 credits anyone?

    How can we manage folders in folders ?
  17. eminemix

    350 credits anyone?

    Give us the link
  18. eminemix

    Need a scripter.

    I think i can help you. I am learning php for 2 years and untill now and i made an automatic payment processing, a link manager with an admin panel and some other stuff. Maybe you could tell us what scripts do you want. (I would post a demo with some scripts i made but mysql on absolut is down)
  19. eminemix

    mysql down on absolut

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Host '' is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts' in /home/eminemix/public_html/***/config.php on line 13
  20. eminemix

    x10rewards broken

    The paypal request money link from x10rewards is broken. I want to request the 5$ payout. Somebody closed my last thread about this and i can't re-open it.