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  1. XtinctionZ

    Help! Unable to create support ticket.

    Hi, I'm unable to create official support ticket due to some unknown reason. I wanted to know what happen to my hosting account as I cannot access it. I remember logging in before suspension.
  2. XtinctionZ

    Can money buy true happiness?

    money is finite no matter what.
  3. XtinctionZ

    Upgrade to PHP intermediate

    It has been upgraded already. Thanks a lot :)
  4. XtinctionZ

    Upgrade to PHP intermediate

    Hmm, how long do it take to upgrade the PHP version? I couldn't log into wordpress and I was told to upgrade to intermediate. It has been quite some time already. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot in advance:biggrin:
  5. XtinctionZ

    Noob here. need help... tnx

    i got the same error tooo.. how?
  6. XtinctionZ

    Best Quote

    "Hopeless as it may seem we stand and carry onward with the ripples of water that surface on our hearts." Personally, I like this one. It can be found in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. A quote from Genesis.
  7. XtinctionZ

    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    In my opinion, it is better if you shut it off when you're not using. The computer is one of the electrical appliances that consume large amount of energy. So, for the environment, I will say shut it off. Save energy, save the Environment, save the Earth
  8. XtinctionZ

    Global warming VS. World population

    I beg to differ. The world population does attributes to the raising global temperature, but it does not contribute through the heat each person generates. The Earth is able to radiate heat back to space, and it's large surface area to dissipitate heat absorbed, makes the heat our bodies...
  9. XtinctionZ

    Jokes of the Day

    Let me get this start rolling! :D Here's one: After a night of drinking, Steve crept into bed beside his wife who was already asleep. He gave her a peck on the cheek and fell asleep. When he awoke he found a strange man standing at the end of his bed wearing a long flowing white robe...
  10. XtinctionZ

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi! :D
  11. XtinctionZ

    Hi Everyone!

    Ok, noted. Thanks! :D
  12. XtinctionZ

    Hi Everyone!

    Hiya! I'm new here :D Nice to meet you all.