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  1. raden32

    Guidance on Setting Up SSL Certificate for My Website?

    You can use Cloudflare free forever.
  2. raden32

    Cloudflare "Signup Now!" button does nothing

    The best thing to do is to register directly at cloudflare website.
  3. raden32

    Confused - Inactivity? I use it almost every day.

    Consider your post a testing then :) There is an "edit" at the bottom of your post.
  4. raden32

    Website disabled after 5 months of inactivity?

    I just discovered that 2 of my websites hosted free were disabled. I think I haven't been able to update both sites for more than 5 months. Is there any rule on this?
  5. raden32

    copy website

    If you are using wordpress, just import/export the content. There is plugin to do it.