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    Your favorite resource?

    I'm building up a list of sites for my search engine, webmaster search I'm very interested to know what sites everyone uses on a regular bases for their webmaster related needs. You can list them here, or use the submit site form on the web page. Thanks for the help!
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    Webmaster Search

    Hi everyone! I would like to introduce you all to my new site. Webmaster Search It has not fully launched yet, and is in beta. I am aware of the problems in IE6. Try searching for some common phrases! - - -...
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    Online advertising just got a whole lot smarter

    Sup, recently widgetbucks announced that they will be launching Yeldsense. What does this mean for us? Basically, all you have to do is slap the javascript into your site, and WidgetBucks will automatically determine the most profitable way to display it. It will automatically change its...
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    BuyIT Link Exchange

    Hey, I just added a link exchange script to my site, so now I need some links 1. go to 2. click "Links" (top right) 3. click "Add Your Site Here!" remember to add a backlink to my site first, or you will not be able to add yours Thanks!
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    Cossacs - Is everyones mySQL not working?

    Hi, I'm on cossacs - and http works fine, its just mySQL. The thing that bothers me is the mySQL appears to be up. When I go into my cpanel, it says "MySQL - 0/3 Databases" I was under the impression that work had not even started on cossacs yet. Is this the same for everyone? Thanks
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    take a quick look please!

    hey i just launched my new site its a simple site that helps people find products. Each category shows 10 items, with the best price, ratings, and trends. Please give some feedback - Thanks! (it has some problems on ie6 but thats all) Edit: fixed the problems on ie! i'm...
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    free $25 - WidgetBucks

    New advertising network - WidgetBucks So, apart from all the p-p-p buzz the newest advertising network out there seems to be WidgetBucks. They recently sent out their first wave of payments 10 days early - which proved to many that they are a legit company out to make money. Features: -...
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    Looking to buy some ad space

    Hey i have a two sites that I will be running some (hopefully) inexpensive ad campaigns for. My first site is ready now and I could do with some advertising in the next few days. The target audience is site owners - so i think i might want to advertise on these forums. Is it possible to pay...
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    I would like to offer my services for credits

    Hi, i would like to build up a few credits - so contact me if there is some work you need done in the following categories. - basic-intermediate php scripts - brief writing jobs (catchphrases, grabber texts, into paragraph types of things) - some joomla know how - local java/c++ programming...
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    Automatic search function

    Hey, with this service being supported almost entirely from the forum - it is very important that people "use the ******* search function" But, they do not. Sooo... have you seen those forums that automatically return search results when the user types a title for their post? I have never set...
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    i followed mycashcows link and signed up for the service, audio ads really sound like a good idea. Wether he was hiding his referal under the url cloaking I dont know. This advertising network is like ad sense but instead of text ads, its audio ads the service hasn't launched yet - the ads...
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    Is this downtime typical all the time?

    Hi, please dont take this in the wrong way - I think its great what x10 does and the free service it provides. but, my site really has been down a lot since I signed up. Mostly related to mySql issues, but also sometimes to the http being down. I know that you guys recently purchased a new...
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    joomla site messed up (will pay credits for solution!)

    My php version is intermediate, and I have joomla 1.5RC4 installed, with the whyld template. please look at my site: here is a site that shows off the template I just installed joomla on these servers after trying it out at home. The...