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  1. wonkothesane

    RPG Suggestion

    Ok, this may sound weird at first but just hear me out. Wouldn't it be great to add some kind of upgrade system based on post count? Imagine that the amount of posts are the equivalent of experience (in rpg games) and that for a certain amount of points you can choose special 'upgrades' e.g...
  2. wonkothesane

    Closed topic, without sufficient reason? Topic was closed due to the fact that this was not the place to discuss it (I was under the impression that this is the open discussion thread?) Tyler: then the tread was closed. Come on, how does that work? People are actually discussing...
  3. wonkothesane

    Moral questions discussion thread

    Hey there! This is a great forum with a great community and I thought I'd add something that could lead to some great discussions. What I basically plan to do is ask a question in this topic and I want you to discuss it. Simple? NO! Because you have to also include WHY you say what you say. OK...
  4. wonkothesane

    Hey there

    Hey there! I'm David, a 17-year old learning php and java. :original: