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  1. mstring

    Cryophobia - Custom Crysis Level (lots of images)

    Well, after having this mentioned a few times, I thought I'd take a shot at it. What is this? It's a multiplayer port of my currently work in progress singleplayer level Cryophobia. It takes place a short while before the events of the level; at this point in time, the sphere hasn't expanded...
  2. mstring

    Which social networking sites do you like??

    Facebook, though they really need to work on their infrastructure stability. :/
  3. mstring

    2k posts!

    My my, X10 is quite the haven for spammers. :P
  4. mstring

    Cryophobia - Custom Crysis Level (lots of images)

    Been working on this for quite some time now (start of June, give or take) and thought any Crysis fans here might want to see it. :) Train Station The Core Environmental Flythrough
  5. mstring

    RFID chip, is it real?

    Just imagine the chaos EMP weaponry could cause if people depended on technology even more. :P Also the obvious ethical implications far outweigh whatever benefits the potentially proposed system has.
  6. mstring

    Are you HOT Ot Not?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Attractiveness is far too subjective to be placed on a scale. :P
  7. mstring

    How fast is your processor?

    Not fast enough. :( 2.2Ghz C2D, need moar cash for an i7 upgrade.
  8. mstring

    What do you...

    FireFTP, because I'm extremely lazy and a browser tab is much easier to use. :D That, and it does everything I need it to so I see no reason to change.
  9. mstring


    I must admit I'd probably take the money. I suppose I could consider myself fairly selfish when it's someone I don't know involved; it wouldn't be much of an ethical issue for me. After all, I don't know them and most likely won't encounter them again, so there's no obvious problems that could...
  10. mstring


    Socially speaking, you'd ideally want some form of proletariat revolution to implement proper socialism in any given society. Kinda crushes those dreams to see how the last one of those ended up though... :/
  11. mstring

    The worst website that has ever existed ever

    I'm suing to cover the costs of my new eyes. :(
  12. mstring

    Probably, a problem with drivers

    Have you tried rolling back to an older driver and seeing whether that helps?
  13. mstring

    Google Wave

    Looks very useful, though I'm not sure what the chances of getting an invite are. Applied for the beta testing thingy a while back.
  14. mstring

    Do you speak another language/tongue?

    I can speak some french and spanish, much prefer french though. I personally never got the pronunciation of spanish but I find french much easier. I'd really love to be able to fluently speak french, it's something of a goal for me. Of course A levels can only teach you so much... :P
  15. mstring

    How much RAM do you have?

    A measly 2GB here, sucks for rendering and stuff. :(
  16. mstring

    Oh hai!

    Um, yeah. I'm something of an amateur 3d artist/level designer looking into designing a portfolio site and have heard good things about this place, so I thought I'd try it. Everything looks awesome so far. :)
  17. mstring

    Important Poll Regarding Disk Space

    Definitely the increased disk space, who doesn't take their own backups anyways? ;)
  18. mstring

    OS choiches

    They all have their own merits imo, like *nix servers and DirectX on Windows, though I've yet to actually try any Mac OS.