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    review my christmas site

    Mcafee is useless. The first time I went to my own website, right after I uplaoded it, Mcafee warned me it was suspicious too. As for the site, I don't really like the banner, and I would probably leave a bit of free space between the last post and the bottom banner but other than that it seams...
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    Review My Site

    It does look nice, but I personally don't like it when a website use broadband for nothing. Only a handful of thing make me leave a website quicker (pop up and music/video starting by themself).
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    Interactive Community Based Website -- "Am I the only one..."

    Hi, I think the design is simple and nice. Really clear and easy to navigate. I'm not really fond of the orange but that just personal preference. I love the logo. The only improvement I can think of is adding the name (or username) of the person who submitted it. But other than that, works for...
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    Tell me what you think...

    First as a photograph, I find there is nothing worse than a bad signature, hallmark... I totally understand the need for one though. But if you put one, it has to be nice enough so it doesn't make the photo cheap. For the web site, I find it a bit dull. And it's not really intuitive (especially...