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    File Hosting zt. Suspension

    Wasn't an argument, just a question. Thanks anyways.
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    File Hosting zt. Suspension

    Understood, thanks for clarification. If you haven't noticed, I've been using your service for my servers for over three years. Have your TOS changed significantly since then?
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    File Hosting zt. Suspension

    I would like to have my account unsuspended. My account is not used strictly for file hosting, it runs the MOTD's for two game servers and the files being hosted are certainly applicable to the site. However, I have uploaded a few unrelated files lately for pictures in a support forum. Let me...
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Gran Turismo 5 :D
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    help! WEBSITE VIRUS ! !

    Look at second post. Public accessible file uploader and some other not so legit things.
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    Account Terminated

    So is that it? Is my account gone?
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    Account Terminated

    The account was active less than a week ago. As far as i know i was not suspended, if I was my account would not have worked.
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    Account Terminated

    I got an email this morning saying my hosting account was terminated. Why has this been done and how can I get it back? Thanks. email: cpanel: d0gf1r3
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    404 Errors for Domain

    I'm getting 404 errors when trying to view my pages and I can't even get to my login of my cpanel. I've been out for the last two weeks or so and had no idea any of these massive migrations were taking place. Im 99% sure my account was on stoli and by the announcements for that server it should...