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    Login Restriction

    As I said, after I moved I was able to log in without problems for like two years. Only now have I had an issue.
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    Login Restriction

    Well, when did they change this? I was able to log in just fine for like 2 years until I tried to log in today. They should at least give a warning if they're going to change their policy like this. I read another forum post a staff member replied to someone having a similar issue that the...
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    Login Restriction

    Hey! I created a website when I lived in the US, and ever since I moved to a country that is not on the whitelist, I've still been able to log in to the panel. However, now it doesnt let me log in and tells me that my country is restricted. Please resolve this issue, as I have very important...
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    PHP mail function issue

    I'm actually getting a 500 Internal Server error when I execute the mail function... thoughts?