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    Email issue

    Hello, I've been testing the DNS services of my domain and the email accounts today and now I can't create any emails accounts. I've searched through the forum and found another thread regarding the same problem...
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    Compress your html code!

    I found an HTML compressor at: It stripes out all unecessary spaces and it's quite efficient. The bad thing is that it destroys your code layout removing all indentation, so my advice is to make an extra copy of your files before compressing so...
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    To Corey: optional ads for adfree

    Hello, I would be very pleased to support you and put some of your ads in my website, but I don't want to switch to ad-enhanced hosting because depending on the page I may or may not put ads. Any ideas? Kaixi
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    Just a question..

    cPanel user name: kaixi subdomain/domain: hosting package: Ad-Free My question is why has MySQL been down for two days? It’s still down at the moment. I've checked the Server Alerts section but nothing.
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    how to use credits

    I'm new here and i'm very confused. I read that you can get credits doing severals things but I'm wondering how I can see the credits I have and how I can spend them. Kaixi
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    Hello I'm new here. Yesterday, I found this #1 ranked free host at and decided to sign-up. Hopefully, my site will be up in less than two weeks time. I'm working hard on it...;) Kaixi
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    Hello, I'm new here and I must say that I'm very impressed with x10hosting. In fact, I've never found any free host like this before, with so many and so great features: Superb cPanel, PHP, CGI support, Sendmail, Cron jobs, huge storage / bandwith... It's just unbelievable!!! Besides, I see...