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    Facebook Games.....

    My wife makes me play the cafe game.
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    Are Arcades Dying?

    I think the future of arcades is more about how they started. Built around something else. We have many restaurants designed around them.
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    Windows Office 2010 Beta Free!

    I just stick with OO.Org for now still. I just fire up Office if I need to track changes.
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    Hi. Please welcome me:-)

    Woohoo! Welcome.
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    Counter Strike: Source

    I rock out source when I want someone quick to play. CoD just never jived with me.
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    Are Arcades Dying?

    The only arcades around here that say open are attached to theaters or bars. Which makes sense. There are actually quite a few.
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    The Downfall of the Gaming Industry

    I've been reading about the gaming industry dying since I took old PC Gamer and CGW mags to middle school. Troll around gamespot, or whatever games news site you like and you'll find plenty of PC games across many genres. I feel like they've become a bit less quirky, but even then, there are...
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    xbox to pc

    For the 360 you do need the MS driver. It's handy as all hell, though. Also, the dance pad w/ Step Mania is pretty snazzy.