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    Tips on making game site more attractive

    I'd disagree with the flashing and twinking colors stuff. The game is not targeted at the people twinkling sparkles would attract. It is a more mature type of game, so your current design looks about ok. Maybe more teasers about the game's features on the homepage. :)
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    Dreamweaver CS5

    Anyone got Dreamweaver CS5.5? Is it worth upgrading from CS5?
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    How does the credits system work?

    Thanks for the information! and I've just found the same thing on the wiki. Also, apparently editing posts makes you spend credits. Learned it the hard way...
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    My First Website

    Nice site (I like the red buttons lol), but the no-right-click alert is pointless. If you're trying to prevent people from viewing your source code or copying your images, remember that they can just disable javascript. It just p---es people off. :tongue...
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    The Ctrl+V game
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    Count to 1 Million

    2823rd spam reply to this thread
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    How does the credits system work?

    Hi all! Question from a new guy here. I'm not so familiar yet with how everything works here, so please don't kill me :) I apparently have 3 credits right now because of my reply in the "username change". How does the system work? What can I use credits for? If this topic is already discussed...
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    Forum Name Change Requests

    New name: contland