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    Same here :D. You're welcome.
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    Merry Chirstmas!!! Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope ya enjoying it.
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    Corey Got married!!

    Nice one Corey! Congratulation.
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    Anyone able to make cron jobs? The crontabs in my C-Panel don't seem to work at all. This C-Panel Graphic display is looking messy.
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    Connecting to mysql

    I tying to connect to Mysql using Mysql query browser and it's not working for me, I put in all login info and allowed myself to even connect to it and its just not picking up, I don't want to use phpmyadmin any more because it's crashing(i might have to reinstall). I even tryed the host's ip...
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    CGI-BIN not going as expected

    My cgi-bin stuff is not working for some wierd reason. Theres files in but for some strange reason, the contents in not showing up.
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    IPB disappear

    I would like to know what happened to the IPB forum installer from C-Panel, It was there but it's gone and plus I don't know where to put the ads at that would not blank out the forum webpages.
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    C-Panel Feature - Some chatrrom

    I was wondering if the Chatroom really works, The chatroom thing that I found in my C-Panel, I looked and noticed the /cgi-sys/ Directory don't even exist or am I setting this wrong? I just want to be able to use the chatroom, or rather just take a look at it to see if it use less resource...
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    /usr/bin/lynx Crontab Help.

    Hello folks, I'm just wondering if X10hosting suports the path to /usr/bin/lynx for crontab entires. I even tried to use /usr/local/bin/lynx but I got no luck. the game installation did include the message "On UNIX and Linux, you can achieve this by using cron to call lynx to...
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    A fast php website.

    I would like to know how to make a fast php website. I know php but everytime I make a page for it it always slow and I got a mysql driven website with 1 image and then 2 cgi scripts running for my chatroom, how can I make this fast? the example must include: index.php for the file name...
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    After working my magic, well, what do you think?

    Look I got my nice style changer and some multidesigns including the use of different fram type.
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    Cron not running php.

    Is there any reason for why the cronjob thing is not on/working? The thing is set for my site and it relies on it. Users on my site is noticing things not being auto updated.
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    Do anyone here has a good non paying way to advitise a strategy game site (text based)? I need ideas on how to boost my site, I already got 50 players but I was hoping for a good 150 - 200 users, Any ideas on how I can get more people to see my site, Notice it?