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    my domain is available?

    sorry but I can't see it on my screen.. so you've seen my webby, how come I don't?
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    my domain is available?

    I've registered last night, uploaded the my site and it seemed working.. a while ago, I visited the site again but something tells me that my site is gone.. I checked my account and the status says that it is unsuspened, so it exists and supposedly there are no detectable problems right? I am...
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    Best Quote

    From A7X's Seize the Day: "Seize the day or die regretting all the time you lost" Almost Easy: "How long did I expect love to outweigh ignorance?" Unholy Confessions: "Nothing tears the being more than deception" and "I wish I could be the one,the one who won't care at all.But being the one...
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    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    Last time I left my PC on for less than a week straight, it started to make disturbing noises.. It still works fine then, but I couldn't leave it on from then on because it bothers my very much needed sleep.. Now my younger brother owns that unit, and with my new one, I'll definitely shut it...
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    Activation problem..

    I receive this message whenever I click at the activation link sent to my e-mail.. An Error Has Occurred You must follow a valid link to this page. Support regarding this matter is highly needed and appreciated.Thank you very much.