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    6 of 7 servers are down

    Ha ha funny stuff... they were joking when they said free hosting Absolut.x10 Artic.x10 Cossacks.x10 Ciroc.x10 Lotus.x10 Skyy.x10 Stoli.x10 Except Artic.x10 all servers are down !!!
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    DOWNTIME AGAIN!? What about paid??

    Well I would never invest in a website which is this careless. If they are providing a free service it should be of at least a decent quality. In one year I have had several downtimes sometimes they accept that they messed up something and still don't prioritize the issue. Currently my website...
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    What is your highest payout?

    Earned $10 in a month through a mix of Clicksor and Adbrite. Ad brite has a higher payout rate than Clicksor or any other company for that matter. Clicksor on the other hand provides a better range of products that you can fit into at various pages and sections of your website. Please use my...