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    SSI error

    In the body of my site index's source (.shtm) I have this: <tr> <td><!--#include virtual="/home/sheercol/public_html/ssi/date.htm"--><br /> </td> </tr> This is the file date.htm: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"...
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    How to get rid of .htm or .html in URL?

    I'll try those. Please close this thread, mods. Thanks.
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    How to get rid of .htm or .html in URL?

    Kind of a noobish question... how do you get rid of the .htm/.html extension on your site's pages? I made a page called test: If I name the file "test" it converts to plain text. I have to name it "test.htm" for it to appear as HTML. (I'm using cPanel 11.) I...
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    Word Assoation Game

    Percussion >> Woodwind
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    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    Of course, I never leave my laptop on overnight. I always shut down my PC too. If I need to leave for a while I usually put it on standby. Waiting for svchost to finish executing on my laptop is pretty annoying, but I'd rather not listen to its whirring fan all day.
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    a chemistry question

    Here's the answer to almost exactly the same question, word-for-word:
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    [Game] Acronyms

    The elephant likes eating pink hamburgers or new earphones.
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    Alphabet Subject

    Call of Duty
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    [Game] Acronyms

    You only get ugly red tomatoes.
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    Chain Reaction

    Fire engine.
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    [GAME] Riddles

    The beggar was a woman :P I've heard a different version of that riddle, with a big Indian being a little Indian's mother. Here's one by Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels: We are little airy creatures, All of different voice and features, One of us in glass is set, One of us you'll...