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  1. callumacrae

    How you learn a programming language?

    I'm not sure that I agree with you here. Surely it is better to learn one language in a lot of detail than learn five languages in not much?
  2. callumacrae

    PDO - Should I sanitize? if so how?

    If you're using prepared statements, then you don't need to sanitise it. If you're inserting the values into the query itself, then you're using PDO wrong (but you would need to sanitise it).
  3. callumacrae

    Why my php code is commented ?

    Try removing the @. If there is any error there, it will be suppressed and the page will load blank.
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    Count to 1 Million

  5. callumacrae

    Input wanted for new tech book

    Apache, when misconfigured, can use a lot of memory. By default, it is configured for large servers - so it will use a lot of memory, but will be able to handle a lot of users. If you configure it properly, it's fine.
  6. callumacrae

    Input wanted for new tech book

    I didn't know about the Parkinson's thing; sorry to hear that. If you need anyone to write a chapter, I'd be more than happy to :-)
  7. callumacrae

    Input wanted for new tech book

    Bump - any update on this?
  8. callumacrae

    Account suspended issue

    You were hosting a public file uploader, which is against the ToS.
  9. callumacrae

    Account Suspension Issue

    You were using a nulled vBulletin.
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    With food and water, yes. Would you have been in a black box 1 month for 1 million dollars?
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    I want to learn PHP

    w3schools really isn't cool, it's terrible!
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    Happy New Year!

    Hi, my christmas was good thanks Welcome to x10hosting1
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    I need help with java script codeing

    I added [html] and [code] tags to both of your posts - please use them in the future. Adding it to the window object will not mean that you can access it across pages, you want to set a cookie or something. I'm not really sure what you're asking - could you give us a context and example...
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    leafypiggy = nub :D

    leafypiggy = nub :D
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    2 domains on 1 IP

    I'm moving this thread to Free Hosting support.
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    Count to 1 Million

    2452 gram of aerogel costs $496 356
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    Re: PHP header location not working on X10hosting

    I split this post to a new thread, as it isn't relevant to the original thread. You'll want to change the title.
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    Yours is just boring.

    Yours is just boring.