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  1. scottnj

    Account Suspension

    The requirement is that you log into the forums at least once every two weeks. As earlier stated, sometimes it is easy to lose track of time. In that case, you should either spend the three dollars and not worry about it, or use the Windows Task Scheduler on your computer to set a reminder/open...
  2. scottnj

    Fake Facebook login/password thief

    Glad I could help! Thanks for responding so quickly.
  3. scottnj

    Fake Facebook login/password thief

    Corey, Chris, or any other administrator, One of my friends found a fake facebook login site. Because it is hosted at x10, I figured you needed to know. The link to the site is: or Thanks for taking the time to help resolve these...
  4. scottnj

    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

    755 It didn't say otherwise, you just can't post twice in a row.
  5. scottnj

    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

    +5 740 This is kind of biased, you know...
  6. scottnj

    Need a cpanel reset

    Have you tried submitting a support ticket?
  7. scottnj

    Bad reliability on cossacks?

    I've been on Cossacks for over a year now, and I can tell you from experience that their are some times where it will be the best server you could hope for. But then, there are times that it has its problems. Free hosting can only be so good, but I'm sure they will have it running smoothly soon.
  8. scottnj

    Count to 1 Million

    1044 braincells lost so far in math class. But only 20 minutes left.
  9. scottnj

    Creation time?

    Last I checked, it could take up to 24 hours to create your account. But when it is up and running, you should be quite happy with it. If after a couple of days it isn't up yet, then you should start to worry.
  10. scottnj

    403 error - need help please!

    I don't really know much about Moveable Type, but it could be your PHP permissions. Try getting those changed to intermediate if it isn't already. Having restrictions that are too high can give you errors. Hopefully that will help.
  11. scottnj

    FTP Details not working

    Try using for the login. If you make addon accounts they must use this, so it might work with the original account as well. I just tried to replicate your problem and if your username and/or password is wrong, you will still get: Response: 331 User ______ OK...
  12. scottnj

    FTP Timeout when connecting

    Well, I'm sorry to hear that. That is all I can think of besides trying to connect from some other network. Sorry I wasn't of any help. If I was an account manager or somewhere up there I would check for you. But I don't think I have been around long enough for that. ;-) Good Luck!
  13. scottnj

    FTP Timeout when connecting

    Well then try opening up My Computer and in the address bar (view>Address Bar if not up already) put in and see what you get. If it asks you for your password, put it in. If it gives you an error, then hit Ok, right click the part of the window where the file icons...
  14. scottnj

    FTP Timeout when connecting

    I think the reason you are having this problem is because you have as your host. Try just in any program (including Filezilla) and see what you get.
  15. scottnj

    Windows 7 build 7022 Images

    Yeah, KDE 4 does look very similar to Vista and Windows 7. I was considering using KDE, but I just put gnome on instead. lol
  16. scottnj

    Valentine Day

    Valentines day sucked for me because I was stuck home sick .... I hope you guys had a better time then me.
  17. scottnj


    I used to be a member, but then it does get boring. When I stopped paying for membership, I had absolutly nothing to do but mine, smith, and fight. And that is so incredible repetitive(enough so that making bots for it is soooo easy.) and boring. I would much rather spend my time...
  18. scottnj

    The Ctrl+V game

    chmod +x ./ubuntuwireless/ sudo ./ubuntuwireless/ --tarball ./ubuntuwireless/madwifi-ng-r3366+ar5007.tar.gz Had to get my Atheros Wireless card on my laptop to work with Ubuntu. (Not fun if you can't put a hard line into it to do it automatically) However I did get it...
  19. scottnj

    Mac or PC

    It depends on what you need to do with it. (And in the case of Macs, how much you want to spend on it.) Windows are great for the average person and for most everything you do. I would side with them like 85% of the time. However, Macs are VERY reliable and VERY good for graphics editing, video...
  20. scottnj

    Lego Building, Destroying, Explosives, Multiplayer?

    And I still have a entire dresser full of them plus several thousand pieces on shelves around my room.