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    Game Development Group Needs some help

    Were really stuck trying to come up with a name, so if you guys could spur us in the right direction it would be great? have a cool name idea? just post it! thanks =)
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    The meaning of life has arrived.

    Whats up :P its a pleasure to have you here
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    Help? - Parked Domain first one works, second doesnt Edit: okay I found out the problem, its really wierd though, my account is setup to but i can login via ftp to why? im just downloading my forums and rehosting...
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    Help? - Parked Domain

    Okay, well I parked a domain.. and im having a bit of trouble, the files in my cPanel and my FTP program are different, I had forums hosted on my x10hosting domain, but now that its parked, i can only see them on my ftp program, if i try to go there on a web browser they dont exist, and the file...
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    Javascript Ad Placement (Corporate)

    Could somebody help me? Im trying to place the corporate banner into a box I made on the layout... but I cant seem to get the bugger to move! I've tried putting it in a Div table and positioning it that way ect. but it just stays on the top of the page =/
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    Hello All ^^

    Whats up? Just wanted to come and introduce myself, and suck up hahaha just playin' =P but seriously, This has got to be the best free hosting in the world! no lie, When I first saw the site I thought it was average, then I noticed that the Advanced and Corporate plans are free too! I choked on...