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    opinions on this design

    Yeah, i still hadn't decided what im doing with the top bars iah, so you reckon it should be continued straight across? And what about the colours , is it too bland? (notw this is going to become a school website, so it can't be too flashy)
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    opinions on this design

    Well this is the first proper webdesign i am currently working on , and i'm wondering what people think, note the colour scheme kinda just flows, as i was building the shape etc in gray/whites/blacks and now i think the colour just seems to work but i want others opinions. ratings...
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    text size question

    Thanks lads ;) I've got the justs of it all now :P
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    text size question

    Ok , well this isn't really about any scripts, i was just wondering what the general rule of thumb is when deciding on the size of your text on your site? Is there a general size to use so that it's not too large and not too small? Just wondering , might seem silly.. but you dunno :cool...
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    SQL Manager?

    SQLyog enterprise, and MySQL Lite are 2 of my favourites, i use both, but have found myself using SQLyog more often now than before... strange really. But yeah i prefer using client versions over Phpadmin, although it is also good.. especially when you can't remote connect to your DB :laugh:
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    Cookies help

    I am no expert but you could go with something along the lines of: # = the page you get redirected to if you have seen the intro already if(isset($_COOKIE['COOKIENAME'])){ header("Location: ./#.php"); }else{ setcookie("COOKIENAME", TRUE, time()+7200); header("Location: ./#.php"); } Note i...
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    Any ideas on how this has been accomplished?

    That makes sense, thanks alot konekt, i would never have guessed that (my reasoning skills in mathematics is not great (as per my exam results tell me)) Thanks again -fedexer-
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    Any ideas on how this has been accomplished?

    Ok on this site: I was wondering how using PHP the creator of this site manages to list only 30 servers per page, and if there are more, then they add another page to the list at the bottom? Has anyone got any ideas on how this could be...
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    cron job syntax wrong? [delete, i fixed it]

    Fixed myself, you may delete this thread.
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    Question about the mail server

    I am wondering if there is a limit on how many emails can be sent from your domain in a set time span? I am questioning this as i am currently testing a few of my scripts to get them working correctly, but after about 7-8 emails being sent i don't seem to receive anymore... is this a case of...
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    A script to ping servers from a DB

    Ok well i've been working on a script which will become a cron job , which will select all the completed servers from a database, and then ping each of those, and if online change the online column to 1 and if offline change it to 0. Also i am trying to insert the time and date into a datetime...
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    cron jobs question for admins/people to do with usage

    Ok well i was reading that when using Cron Jobs your account may be suspended if you have it running too often, so i have a question , how often would a script like the following be allowed to run: <?php $query = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE var= '1'"; $result = mysql_query($query); $row =...
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    making a DB connection on stoli server

    Ok i was wondering what the host address is for the stoli server, i know it used to be localhost, but i haven't used the server in a while since the problems that occured, so i am asking now so it works first time :drool:
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    mtsql_select_db(): warnings?

    Currently i am applying for php lvl 2 to fix my sessions. But i also seem to be getting an error with the mysql_select_db(); method... which i know for a fact works cause i was using it on my local server on my machine but once uploaded here it is no-longer working :S any ideas? thanks...